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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is quickly becoming an extremely profitable form of advertisement online which is a reason why millions of people use it globally. However, advertisers need to keep in mind their budget and other factors to gain the most out of PPC. With a few simple tips, you can optimise your PPC campaigns effectively to produce even better results.


#1 Choose the Right Landing Page

Infomercial, microsite and lead capture page – if you don’t know what these landing pages are, I would strongly suggest you have a read about the different types of landing pages available to use. Remember that every PPC campaign is different. Therefore, so should be the landing page too. Just like a suit, tailor-fit your landing page to your campaign.


#2 Analyse Your Weaknesses

With every campaign being different, every campaign will not be perfect either. The problem is that programs such as AdWords don’t give users that much information: only obvious stats such as CTR, impressions and CPC etc. What about how long web users spend on your landing page? What about your conversion rate? You can analyse your campaign a lot easily through installing Google Analytic on it. From this, you can see where you are going wrong and set about improving it.


#3 Optimise Your Text Advert

One factor advertisers usually don’t spend time on is the domain name or URL in their text advert. The thing is that you can change your domain name to increase your click through rate bringing in more traffic. The chances are that some landing page’s URLs will not be the homepage but a sub-domain name or just a random page with a very long URL. You won’t want to put that in your text advert. Therefore, change it to improve your advert’s performance. You can also include power words (most powerful words in the English language) to evoke more of a reaction from the web user. As well as this, try to have a call to action in your advert. You want to encourage an action from your web user because when they reach your landing page, they will have to do an action to get you a conversion.


#4 Choose Your CPC Wisely

The cost per click to your adverts in your campaign are crucial to its success. Both a high CPC and low CPC have their benefits. But, you need to choose a CPC related to your campaign’s objective. I feel the more you want the web user to do for you, the more you will have to pay. For example, the highest paying keywords in AdWords are tens of dollars and are about mortgages, credit and finance. Therefore, look at what you want to make visitors do. If it is a lot, a higher CPC might be needed to get a strong conversion rate.


#5 Optimise Your Landing Page

Most advertisers think that when they produce a PPC campaign to push traffic to a landing page, the only traffic they will go to it will be paid contextual traffic. However, through adding social media buttons, you can gain a bonus being free contextual traffic. There are many things you can do to optimise your landing page. Already, we have spoken about picking the right type of landing page. Now you can decide what to place on your landing page.


From reading this article, I think it makes clear that anyone can make a PPC campaign and get it running in five minutes. Only few people can make a efficient self-catering campaign that is optimised for a specific audience with the intention of gaining a high conversion rate. In PPC, it’s the optimisations and good decisions (e.g. to CPC) that produce the boosts to a campaign.


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