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Finishing off from where part one started, I made clear that it was the optimisations and good decisions to a PPC campaign that produces the boost to it’s performance. There is not one advertiser that is capable of making a campaign that can’t be improved upon. In PPC, it is important to realise that there is always areas of improvement. Here is the part two and last five ways you can optimise your PPC campaign to give it a boost. 


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#6 Remove Click Fraud

Click fraud is still unfortunately a big part of PPC today. There has been researched that has suggested that up to 20% of all PPC clicks are in fact click fraud. Therefore, it can be seen that 20% of all the money you pump into your campaign is getting wasted. From this, it is wise to try and remove click fraud from your campaign. High CPCs will no doubt reel in a higher conversion rate for your campaign. However, it will make your adverts prone to click fraud as they will be at the top of an advert space and closest to other links such as the article title. You have to balance out what you want: a high CPC for a higher conversion rate but with a high possibility of click fraud or a low CPC with a low chance of click fraud but with a low conversion rate.


#7 Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Considering that one of pay per click’s selling point is that it is contextually based, finding the right keywords for your campaign is crucial in targeting the right market for your campaign to inherit the highest conversion rate. The best way to find the right keywords is through drawing a spider diagram. Find all the words that are in some way related to your main topic and then create multiple campaigns. Not much money has to be invested into this technique which makes it very cost efficient. Keep every campaign the same and make the only changed variable the keywords you choose. Then, from analysing the landing page’s success with Google Analytics, you can see what keywords produce the best results for you.


#8 Prepare For the Unexpected

Not many advertisers do this which in this unstable economic climate is quite a shock. PPC, like most businesses, is prone to change due to external factors such as a political, environmental, social, technological, economic or legal. Therefore, it should go without saying that you create a contingency plan for your PPC campaign to prepare yourself for when things go wrong. This will provide a boost for you when things start going wrong for your campaign reducing the deficit of loss.


#9 Aim For a High CTR

Aim high and then go low. If your campaign is capable of getting a high CTR, you will become better reacted to times when you want a lot of traffic fast. It enables you to give you that buffer on competitors because you know you can create a short term, fast, instant traffic campaign as well as a long term consistent campaign all from just one campaign. Increasing a campaign’s CTR can be quite simple. You can create the perfect text advert or try to make your image/animated advert not look like an advert. Either way, your CTR should increase.


#10 Aim Low and Then Go High

For your statistic in your campaign, you should aim high and then go low because it gives you a buffer of performance you can work with. However, when you have just started your campaign, you won’t want to aim high straight away because your campaign might have faults in it that will not make the campaign financially efficient. When you first start a campaign, have a small budget so you can tweak your campaign and prepare for when you introduce a bigger budget.

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