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Responsive web design refers to the concept of making a web design in such a way that the layout of the web page automatically changes according to the resolution of the screen. This concept permits a four column layout 1292 pixels in width on a 1025 pixel width screen. This automatically simplifies into two columns. The invention of smart phones, tablets and net books has increased in the recent years. The demand of websites which look good in all types of Smartphone and tablets is increasing. This is what is called a responsive web design. This type of web designing is completely different from the traditional version of web designing.

Top 10 Creative Examples of Responsive Web Designs:

1. is at the top of the list of responsive web designs. It sets the perfect example of a well designed web site. It has a grid background and was established by Mr. Simon Collision. Creative words have been used to grab the attention of the user. The home page gives the overview of the website. Animal illustrations have been put in use such as a flea is used to describe Flickr and a snake is used to indicate Delicious. There are no specific reasons of representing them in this way.

2. is a site dedicated to an architecture and design studio in Austin. The creators of this site are Arthur W. Andersson and F. Christian Wise. They believed that using images and context can be easier to focus broader issues. The textual content in the website is less as compared to the images. The colors are used intelligently to portray different types of ambiance.

3. is a site which emphasizes on showcasing clean and crisp contents along with providing great user experience. The founder of this webpage, Stephen Caver has integrated HTML and CSS to produce a high traffic website. A gracious background, sky and desert imagery is used. The typographic style, composition and layout of the website are unique. The logo is very simple. A shaded background is used.

4. is designed beautifully with images accompanied with relevant contents. It has a user friendly layout. The logo of the webpage is restored in every page one views and is very simple. The imageries are relevant to the text accompanying them. The layout of the page is very clean and simple.

5. is a site which includes topics such as business, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Podcast and much more. It is focused on providing valuable resource to web professionals. It contains inspiring links and images. The approach is clear and bold.

6. is an Italian web page which teaches techniques to create a good web site. It has a flexible layout. Some of the features of this site are CSS3, HTML5, WAI-ARIA, font embedding, cookie less domain and much more. It is accessible to the handicapped as well. The color of the background keeps changing in regular intervals of time.

7. is a blue colored web page which sets another good example of a responsive webpage designing. The home page provides with appropriate details about the services the website offers. Strong graphic elements are used to make the use of the site easy.

8., which is a red background webpage, is designed by an English designer who is passionate about web and mobile. The image icons used are absolutely apt and are relevant with the contents. The designs are created with current web standards.

9. is a very user friendly web site which is easy to handle. It has moving images in the background which is also a marvel of good web designing art. This site focuses on making the users aware of the harmful effects of air pollution and in turn provides suggestions to reduce the same. The layout is simple and the site focuses on the theme.

10. is a gaming site which requires high imagination powers. It is perfectly designed and can be comprehended by most of the users. This means it is a user friendly web site. Glitch makes use of Flash and JavaScript. The entire page is filled with content leaving no space. A white background with scenery brings out the purpose of the site.

Responsive web design is very necessary for any businessmen who owns a website. It is very essential to resolve design problems related to different resolutions. Google Analytics have recorded that more than thirty three percent of the users of the business web sites browse the site using a mobile browser. Hence, responsive web designing is a must for these businessmen to provide an enjoyable and easy experience for the users. The above mentioned outstanding examples of creative responsive web design inspire the users to try out the same with their company website.

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