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Frustrated about not being able to network with like-minded people in Twitter and linkedin? Well, you are not alone. Since the invention, we all have become addicted to use these social sites in our daily routine.  Frustrated about not being able to network with like-minded people in Twitter and Linkedin. Here are 10 Better Ways to Network on Twitter and Linkedin.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Linkedin have almost become a part of our daily life.   Most of us do not forget to update our status on these sites on daily basis.  But the ambit of usage of these sites have grown vastly from being mere tools for updating your current status to a necessity for sought after information on job, business, hobbies and for airing your grievances on social issues etc.

But, for the one who is able to share your concerns with people on a regular basis, you need to network with people who care for such information.   The ocean of information in these sites can frustrate you for not being able to connect with people whom you want to connect with.

However, there are ways in which you can filter the clutter and get the desired information.

  1. Use applications that help in seeking out the irregular ones: let you view those followers who are not following back after some tweets.  The list of followers could be sorted out by place, name and age of the person.  You can even see the followers/following ratio which lets you have an idea about the likelihood of a person following you.   You can also find people who are not following you anymore.  Such applications are useful for searching friends or like-minded people who might have somehow escaped your notice.
  1. Manage multiple accounts with apps: If you have multiple twitter accounts then you might be interested to know how each is doing compared to other in terms of networking.  With the help of applications you can compare three accounts at a time with Venn diagrams and other user-friendly features.  You can figure out the organic growth and reach of your account in the twitter universe.
  1. Apps that can tweet for you: To keep networking with your pet followers you need to keep your followers engaged in your tweets.  You can take the help of application software’s which can post comments for you at regular intervals.
  1. Categorize your feeds: In case of multiple accounts, there is a symptom of your twitter feeds becoming clumsy.  There are some applications that let you organize the incoming tweets into several categories such as those for clients, colleagues etc.   You can even label pesky feeds as “annoyers”.  You can also set up streams keyword wise such as – #job search, #career, #spiritual discussion etc.
  1. Answer enquiries or posts relevant to your area of interest: Build your identity by answering to specific enquiries in Linkedin.  This way you can prove your ability and let people join you for conversation on topics of mutual interest.
  1. Leverage existing contacts: Search for contacts in Linkedin who are already in the address book of your e-mail ID.
  1. Seek out blogs or websites of interesting authors:  Try to find the authors of contents that you have just read.  The best place to start conversation with such authors is to find their blogs or websites.  Such people generally have an online presence and you can pick them out from the clutter in Linked In or twitter.  So follow them in twitter and linkedin and let out your opinion to see how they respond to your remarks.  Putting up complements for their opinions or suggestions can induce them to draw you into their network.
  1. Becoming an author helps – The best way to start opinionative on your area of concern or expertise is to become an author yourself and let people express their feelings about those.   You will have ready material for people to comment on and connect with you.   This way people who are concern with that particular area of interest can become your friends and followers.
  1. Keyword search is very useful:  A search by relevant keyword can help you direct to your favorite topic.   In the messy world of social networking sites, one of the best ways to reach your area of interest is to search with relevant keywords.  Though you have to do some experimentation with it, a trial and error method to search with the most relevant keyword often yields favorable results.  Join the conversation when your keyword search seeks out some relevant topic.  Reply to tweets by people and put up your comments on topics in the forum.
  1. Join groups: There are Groups in LinkedIn which are good forums for discussions related to career.  Here members ask questions, share articles, and start conversation with each other online.  So, search in Linkedin groups and you are likely to find groups relevant to your area of concern or expertise.Here, we are provided b2b market places resources that you can Global b2b marketplace & Social Media for business

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