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By itself, pay per click advertising is still a great tool to attract the highest of quality visitors to your landing page. However, I find that Why You Should Use Synergy In PPCthere is always that argument whether you should use PPC alongside another advertising platform. As much as PPC has its benefits, it also has it drawbacks too (no advertising program out there is perfect). Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to combine the power of the different ways to gain traffic online? After all, synergy is when 2+2=5. 


The question that most pay per click advertisers will now have to ask is ‘what other advertising platform should I run alongside my PPC program?’ Well, below are some options you may want to consider.



In-Text Advertising

If you ask most PPC publishers, they will say that PPC and in-text advertising are the perfect partners to maximise the monetization of a website. If this is the case, then the same should be applied for advertisers too. It does make sense that PPC looks to gain traffic from:

  • Search engine results.
  • Advertising boxes on publisher websites.

However, never do programs such as Adwords gain traffic from advertising directly in the content of websites. This is exactly what in-text advertising does. As well as this, in-text advertising’s CPC is ridiculously low. Therefore, there is near to no risk involved in using and experimenting with in-text advertising  If you are going to use in-text advertising, the one I would choose would be Infolinks: it is the ‘Adwords’ of in-text advertising.



Banner Advertising

When you look to create synergy from PPC, you should look at similarities between advertising programs that will work to give you the benefits of both. For this reason, do not look to use banner advertising alongside PPC: it will create dis-synergy rather than synergy. Banner advertising is difficult to profit from because:

  • You have to find the right website for your campaign (you are the ‘contextual’ in banner advertising).
  • You cannot negotiate the prices like you can in PPC.
  • You may buy an advertising space that has a terrible conversion rate.
  • It is high risk compared to PPC.

From running a banner advertising campaign alongside a PPC campaign will do nothing but hinder the PPC campaign. Therefore, do not look to banner advertising to create synergy from PPC.



Social Media

Social is a great partner to run alongside PPC for the fact that if are faced with a tight budget, you can still implement social media into PPC for free while still creating synergy. An example of this is through including social media buttons onto a landing page. The idea is that if you have created a website with the right type of people entering the landing page, they will be interested in the landing page. This creates the possibility that they may want to share the landing page with their social media sites. Therefore, by adding social media buttons, you are giving your PPC traffic the opportunity to automatically include social media into your PPC campaign: as well as gaining PPC traffic, you will also be gaining social media traffic. From this, it makes clear that you can seamlessly run social media next to your PPC campaign for maximum performance.

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