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Making a search advert in PPC that boasts a high click through rate is a task every advertiser will have to go through. There are many tips and tricks you can implement into your text advert to make sure it attracts the attention of the web user and gain that valuable contextual click onto your designated landing page. However, it seems in the world of PPC that search adverts are deemed a success or not based on just the click through rate it achieves. This should not be the case. But, I can understand why it is since the CTR is the statistic that search adverts are dominated by. However, a search advert with a low CTR doesn’t necessarily mean it is a failure. A search advert with a low CTR that includes your brand name a multiple of times can be deemed a success too – here’s why.



#1 Brand Awareness is Key

The main benefit to including your brand name in your PPC search advert is that it will provide your brand name publicity: even if the web user does not decide to click onto the advert. This is because a web user does not have to click onto your advert to read or take a glimpse at your advert, which does commonly happen. Therefore, by taking that glimpse, they will see your brand name and have it remembered in their head to be used at a time that may suit them better. An example is below:

Why You Should Include Your Brand Name in PPCAs the web user, I want to look for new phones that have just been released as my ‘imaginary’ contract is about to expire soon. In the end, I decided to click onto O2’s PPC search advert. However, from Sony including the name of their new phone in the title and Carphone Warehouse littering their advert with their brand name, I will know that, in future, it would be worth looking at Carphone Warehouse’s website for mobile phone deals and also looking at Sony’s new smartphone. This means that although Sony and Carphone Warehouse did not get a click from me this time round, they will have enticed myself to directly visit their website for the exact same reason as I would have from clicking onto their advert – free direct traffic.



#2 More Professional Looking

Including your brand name a few times in a search advert will also give your whole advert a more professional look which will work as a catalyst to improving your advert’s CTR. Take the following example of PPC search adverts aimed at bank loans:

Bank Loan Advert ExampleTesco’s advert seems more appealing because they have included both their brand name and URL in the title, unlike getmyloans. Immediately, this provides some reassurance and confidence with Tesco’s advert since the web user knows exactly what company they are going to click onto – unlike getmyloans. A click requires a certain level of trust from the web user to the advert – this can be achieved through including a brand name in the advert.

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