Some may argue that flyers are a bit old-fashioned. But none can debate about its marketing potential. While everything is going digital, this simple promotional tool can still be a valuable weapon in your armor. With this one paper, you can put across your message with ease. It can prove advantageous for you on many other grounds as well. Let’s explore them one by one. 

Benefits of using a flyer 

Low-cost solution 

In an expensive city like New York, you need to search for solutions that are both cost-effective and powerful. A leaflet is an ideal example of both. Whether you redesign the website, buy advertising space, or try any offline media, spending tends to be higher. But you can get even a designer flyer for a lower price and expect larger returns. 

Less planning, optimum effect 

Whether you need to promote a yoga retreat or some other product or service in New York, you can directly give flyers to people in their hands or hang them up at relevant places. It can be quite useful within smaller circles of friends and family. You have to figure out the spot where you can reach out to a maximum number of potential audiences and get going. It can be a shopping mall, café, gym, restaurant, school, or something else. You can also approach local stores to display one of your flyers. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can afford to be casual with its planning. From its layout to content to the overall theme, you need to hash out a polished design so that it becomes attention-worthy. 


While online advertising is vital, you cannot ignore the impact of the flyer on your business. If you use a well-designed flyer created by a reputed New York City printing company, you can hope it to get noticed by your customers. As it is, people connect with tangible things more and remember them for a long time.  


Apart from being tangible, flyers can also help you establish a quick personal touch with your prospects. When you hand over a leaflet, you somewhere convince the people to carry it with them and look at it in their free time. Some people may just put it in their bag without an intention to read it, and some may read it too. You cannot expect such type of personal connection with one-time ads that come at a higher expense. 


With targeted marketing, you can expect flyers to bring about 2 to 5% of the response. It can seem to be a small figure individually. Still, if you consider the cost and its impact in combination with other promotional tools, you will not be able to neglect its utility. If you run ads on websites, the chances are most people would skip it. And with ad blockers in place, it is quite possible. But it becomes difficult to pass over a gorgeous-looking flyer, especially when you are relaxing in a café or a restaurant in NYC. Most people are likely to go through the content. 

So, when you know it can be useful for your marketing needs, it makes sense to explore what goes into making a successful flyer.   

Learning about the technical aspects of flyers 

Types of flyers 

As such, you get three types of flyers – photo-based flyers, corporate flyers, and flyer ads. Photo-centric flyers are perfect for promoting events. The use of colors has to be bright and inviting so that it can get immediate attention. Corporate flyers come in handy for spreading awareness about a particular brand. These are typically content-rich. But you have to use neutral tones and a balanced grid for elements to give it a clean look. These flyers contain contact info, logo, and images of products or services. The sale flyers or flyer ads need to stress the subject instead of design. The details should be easy to read. Some vital information that goes into it includes product specs, pricing, and contact details.   

Types of flyer paper and finish 

If you approach a reliable printing company in NYC, you will come across options in papers and their finish. For instance, you might not know, but the thickness of the paper can be an essential factor when it comes to specific events. For example, if your budget is low, you can choose 135gsm paper for advertising flyers. These are easy to distribute. For trade shows and conventions, you can select paper weighing 170gsm. These papers look very professional, particularly in their glossy finish. Hospitality and retail companies generally go after 250gsm paper for its classy look and durability. You cannot, however, fold these papers like the thinner ones. 

Similarly, it would help if you thought about its finish because it is also an essential component that can influence your potential audience. Some of the most common choices include matte and gloss. You can add lots of content to the matt finish as it doesn’t reflect very strongly. It is a good option for handouts and convention flyers. If you intend to make it visually flashy and luxurious, then gloss finish can be the right consideration.  

Common mistakes to avoid 

There is no doubt that flyers are necessary for marketing campaigns. But its performance depends on many decisions. For instance, if the flyer design is cluttered, it wouldn’t work in your favor. You need to maintain the balance between all the elements, whether it includes the choice of colors, font size, images, or content. Also, the information in the flyer has to be simple and easy to read. Too many texts can feel dull and strenuous. Besides, some people use too many capital letters to emphasize the importance of the message without realizing it can make their copy appear loud. So, avoid this. 

In essence, there is a lot that you can achieve through flyers as a part of marketing efforts. However, for that, you have to be smart with its design and presentation. It may not be possible for you to manage some time out from your busy schedule to dedicate to this. Hence, as a better alternative, you can consider hiring a printing agency in New York for this job. The expert guidance can sort out all the challenges and make it click for you. 

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