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Although the hype around the presidential election always seems to be quite large, 2020 seems to have blown that away with the race between Trump and Biden for the Whitehouse seat. The seat for the presidency has been nothing short but long, complicated, and, potentially, legal.

Such a race has a huge impact on the whole of industry and economy, including the online world as we know it. With this, here are some takeaways to ponder over as to how the presidential election could affect blogging for the future.


Sterner Stance on China

Already under Trump, we have seen some restrictions on China and technology companies such as Huawei, who are not permitted to use Android or any Google apps on their smartphones and devices.

If Trump was to be reelected, expect to see this widen between the Chinese. If Biden is elected, it is fair to say he will still be tough on China, but potentially not as much.


NASDAQ Rallies – Ad Rates Continually Increase

There is a correlation between the NASDAQ and the rates that advertisers are willing to spend on digital advertising. This makes sense since companies on the NASDAQ are technology-focused, so will, no doubt, rely on online advertising to spread their marketing campaigns.

For this reason, when the NASDAQ increases, expect to see ad rates increase. This has been the case under Trump and it can be assumed the NASDAQ will increase under him again too.

However, as things currently stand, the NASDAQ is up 3.5% from Wednesday, in light that Biden could win. This brings around the point that ad rates could increase, no matter who is elected. This gives us good hope for the future of online advertising.


Tax Rates

If Trump is to be reelected, it is expected that the tax will stay low. If Biden is elected, it is expected tax rates could increase.

If tax rates stay low, this will encourage spending and further push companies into new ventures, since they have more funds to do this.

If Biden wins and tax increases, companies will have to slightly change their financial strategy to suit. In essence, when money is needed to be saved, one of the first areas that are affected is marketing, especially online, since it can be pulled so quickly. So we could expect a sudden ad drop if news of tax rates increases.


Ultimately, what is most important for a situation like this, especially in the online world of blogging and advertising, is a certainty. You only have to look at the likes of UK and Brexit, and the uncertainty of lockdowns with Covid, to see how much of an impact uncertainty has for situations – nobody can plan what to do because nobody knows. For this reason, the quicker there is certainty on the US presidential election, for all of us, the better.

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