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When it comes to web site building and internet marketing, it can be a very slow process, and most of us will search engine results fast! Unfortunately, in the world of Google, Bing and Yahoo… results take time. The best web sites in the world are ones with real content, and are continuously updated hourly, if not more. Google and other search engines love this type of content, as it’s high in quality and people are flocking to the site to read, interact and share with others.

So the question is… what does it take to make your web site rank for a specific keyword, faster than other web sites? I recently had an interview with a stream of questions for Justin from RankPay, a service that specializes in seo and link building. You can read Justin’s question and answer below.

What is the fastest way to build up page rank for a web site?

The single best way to build up PageRank for a website is by having excellent content. Build great content and watch the backlinks naturally come in. By building your site for your reader you’ll be surprised by how many natural links will begin appearing. Another strategy is to have and work with a great PR company. Landing a review on a reputable newspaper, website, or magazine can help your sites credibility and rankings.

If you’ve ever wanted to rank for a specific keyword and didn’t know where to start, or the possible costs involved, head over RankPay and run a free report. You will get full information on your site rankings and the potential challenges on ranking for a specific keyword and the investment as well.

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