Is your CTR good, or is it good enough?

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This question is quite a common one these days, but it’s quite unfortunate that the answer to what we feel is a “good click-through rate” will vary, and it depends on some factors that include the keywords you use and also the industry. In addition, in several situations, your click-through rate isn’t nearly as vital as your conversion rate.

It is still helpful to have some guidance when it comes to what determines an excellent click-through rate. You need to know that your figure can vary, and below are a number of benchmarks that depend on the platform you choose to use for marketing.

  • Email newsletters
  • Banner ads
  • Facebook
  • Pay-per-click ads

1.    What’s an Excellent Click-Through Rate for Email Newsletters?

When it comes to email newsletters, the click-through rates are highly determined by the type of newsletters you send. B2B newsletters like WordStream Performance Tip mostly have higher click-through rates compared to B2C newsletters. For both cases, an excellent click-through rate is around 10% to 20%. Nevertheless, emails that are highly targeted, such as behavior-based campaigns, personalized messages, and so on, mostly have higher click-through rates than normal.

2.    What’s an Excellent Click-Through Rate for Banner Ads?

The average CTR for the Google Display Network’s banner ads is mostly similar to the average click-through rate of Facebook because website visitors are viewing ads passively. Across several industries, we noticed that an excellent click-through rate for banner ads is around 0.48%.

3.    What’s an Excellent Facebook Click-Through Rate

For Facebook ads, click-through rates will be way lower compared to what you get on Google Ads — it’s no surprise that Google Ads have better CTR because people mostly go to Google to search for something they want to buy. On the other hand, people who go to Facebook mainly go to socialize, so they don’t have the mindset of purchasing anything.

Based on the benchmark, the excellent CTR for your Facebook ads lies at 0.89%.

4.    What’s an Excellent Click-Through Rate for a PPC Ad?

When it comes to the ideal click-through rate for a pay-per-click ad in Google Ads, our benchmark data reveals that 6% to 7% is a good CTR when it comes to search ads such as Google Ads. This isn’t a figure that’s set in stone, but it is a reasonable point of starting. In addition, as your experience in campaign management grows, your focus should be more on ROI (return on investment) than CTR (click-through rate).

You would also like to consider the competition in your industry. For instance, someone who’s searching for a printer is less likely to click on a search ad compared to someone searching for a pink vintage pinball machine.

No matter the type of campaign you are managing, you should remember to always track your progress. It is more important to steadily improve than to beat the benchmark for some industries.

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