Over here at PPC.org, we are obviously loving the idea of video functionality, as well as sponsored stories.  Sponsored stories, of course, are awesome because they are the engine that drives social credibility to the ad, as well as by taking ads from the sidelines, and putting them directly into the newsfeed of the users, the mobile ads will perform much better every time than the regular ads.  Video, on the other hand, is pretty cool, because……….well, I am not sure why, and neither is anyone else.  That is the point.  People LOVE video, and they PLAY it. just because it is video.

This is relevant, because as it looks, Facebook is going to be taking the “in the newsfeed” mobile version of sponsored stories and combine that with the video functionality to create little video spots in your newsfeed.  Of course, that is going to cause a ruckus, but what is really fun is that rumor has it that Facebook is going to enable ads with auto play, so they will start playing the second you pull up your newsfeed.

We are curious creatures, and I doubt humanity in general is going to be able to ignore this type of advertising.  It may actually cause quite a bit of annoyance, Facebook has been able to weather that storm before, so I don’t see it going wrong again.

If you are an advertiser and you are doing video ads, and have been successful with them, you know EXACTLY what you can do with 15 seconds.  The big thing in online video advertising is here.  Lets see who can make it work for them the best.



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