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Structured data greatly influences SEO positioning. These help the search engines intelligently interpret the contents of each of the web pages and give rise to the Rich Snippets. Have you ever wondered how searchers find information? And how do they classify it? Here we tell you everything.

What does it consist of? Are they really useful? How can they facilitate our work? All these questions are in our heads when we talk about this topic. Also, thanks to structured data, Rich Snippets today have appeared to be a fundamental marketing tool to get more visibility on your website.

What is structured data?

The structured data are labeled information addressed to the machines, which are responsible for describing the content that is inside a web page. Users can not see these labels, but robots do. In this way, we facilitate their work and it is easier to know what they are going to index. What we get is that the information they offer us is increasingly accurate. This “language” that only robots understand has the name of

As happens in our daily lives, the more orderly we have things, the easier it is to find them. This is the same as what happens with structured data. When the information is predictable and highly organized, the search engines understand and classify the contents that are being indexed more easily. With this, we get more and more accurate results. and the rich snippets

As we mentioned a few lines above, is a tag-based language that helps search engines provide us with the correct information.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing were the creators of this initiative in 2011, and the goal was to save webmasters (web developers) work. is a standardized and universal web data dictionary, which is composed of a set of HTML tags. They are responsible for describing the content of the page giving rise to a semantic language and therefore to the rich fragments.
The rich fragments or Ritch Snippets are the highlighted information that appears when we perform an Internet search. The more attractive it is, the more clicks that web page will receive. We can find these fragments in restaurants, shops, tourist places, books, etc.

What are the Rich Snippets?

It is time to delve into a topic that is sure to interest you. Everyone who has a website seeks to get visits, get people’s attention and the greatest number of clicks. Well, here you have the solution.

Rich snippets are segments of HTML that contain the functions of a web page. It is used by search engines to better understand the content of that website and categorize it correctly.

You will be asking the importance of using this tool, well, as is logical, anything that helps to increase the visits to our website will always be beneficial for us. The Rich Snippets make a website get more attention when people perform a Google search. This gives you more chances to stand out above the rest.

I must tell you that using a Rich Snippet is not a guarantee that Google will show it, but it does serve to better catalog your website and influences the positioning when ordering the results of a search. You should meet with an app development company to consider the integration of Rich snippets into your web and mobile app.

How do Rich Snippets affect your website?

The Rich Snippets can provide your website with a series of benefits, such as placing you in a position of competitive advantage with respect to your competition, improving the click-through-printing rate (that is, the number of times that users prefer to enter your website) and the CRO, that is to say, the probability that the user that enters in your web finalizes a conversion or objective (as it can be to finish a process of purchase).

Currently, there are several types of Rich Snippets. As you know everything that has to do with marketing tools evolves at great speed and every time we find new updates.

Google classifies the pages depending on their content and shows the information in a different way. This is achieved thanks to the structured data. If you do a couple of searches, you will notice that Google includes ratings, photos, videos, events or music lists depending on the content of the page. Curious, is not it? It is able to classify the information and order it to achieve greater efficiency.

The importance of structured data to build rich snippets is something we all already know. This is the order of the day and little by little, Google is replacing some models with others. Google is the one who decides what Snippets shows, depending on their interests or current trends. What we have understood is that, if you decide to position yourself at the top of the search engine and highlight your page, it should be based on what is important and trending. If it is not the case, you will have to devise them to obtain a more attractive enriched fragment.

Now it’s your turn to customize yours so that your website is as attractive as possible. And if you have not yet implemented this marketing tool, you should hurry, because you have seen that it is an essential factor to gain clicks and give more visibility to your page. You should meet with an app development company to consider the integration of Rich snippets into your web and mobile app.

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