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One of the major things that the coronavirus pandemic taught us is the relevance of community. As a company, one of the things we are committed to, is expanding the PPC industry and being a platform that would help in identifying the growing talent in this community. With that in mind, we are glad to provide you all with the highly anticipated Top 15 list with the most influential Pay-Per-Click experts of 2021.

With the constant changes in the Digital Marketing industry, all these experts have been able to adapt and contribute greatly to the growth of the PPC industry. Their work has been explementary and has influenced a lot of people who practice PPC daily. For their consistency and hard work, we appreciate and congratulate all the people that made the list. We hope that this project continues to motivate those who are still newbies in PPC.

Here is the list!

1. Patrick Gilbert

He is Chief Operating Officer at AdVenture Media, co-host of the “How To Hide a Dead Body” podcast, and the author of “Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation”.

2. Navah Hopkins

He is a global speaker and SMB champion with fifteen years of experience in digital marketing. She is currently the Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Adzooma, the “Ask the PPC” for SEJ–an instructor for Semrush, and a founding board member of the Paid Search Association.

3. Amalia Fowler

She is well-known for her passion for assisting small businesses to comprehend search marketing. She is a marketing instructor at BCIT and owner of Good AF Consulting.

4. Ed Leake

He is the President of AdEvolver – God Tier Ads & Midas Media.

5. Isaac Rudansky

He is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of AdVenture Media Group, with more than two hundred and fifty thousand students enrolled in his online courses internationally.

6. AJ Wilcox

He is the owner of, THE LinkedIn Ads agency, and the presenter of the LinkedIn Ads Show.

7. Brad Geddes

He is a co-founder of AdAlysi– a Pay-Per-Click recommendation engine. Since 1998, Brad has been involved in PPC. He is also the author of Advanced Google AdWords, one of the best books that have ever written about Google’s advertising program.

8. Kirk Williams

He is the founder of ZATO Pay-Per-Click Marketing. He has been in the business of advertising since 2009. He is popularly known for his Pay-Per-Click song parodies on TikTok and Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click articles in different industry publications including the Shopify Retail blog, MarketingLand, Moz, Microsoft, and has visited various parts of the world to speak on PPC.

9. Frederick Vallaeys

He is a leading influencer in PPC search marketing, author, and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He was part of Google’s first five hundred employees; he aided in pioneering PPC marketing as the firm’s first AdWords Evangelist.

10. Gianluca Binelli

He is the owner of Booster Box–a performance agency that is focused on scientific marketing.

11. Andrea Cruz López

He is an Associate Director at KoMarketing, where she plans and implements demand generation programs for customers.

12. Amy Bishop

She has more than ten years of experience developing and executing digital strategies.

13. Mark Irvine

He is in charge of the PPC team at SearchLab. He was formerly a data scientist that successfully analyzed data for thirty thousand clients.

14. Julie Bacchini

She is the Managing Director of PPC Chat and the president of Neptune Moon LLC.

15. Joe Martinez

He is a co-founder of the Paid Media Pros YouTube channel, renowned writer, and an international speaker.

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