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A new year means that we have resolutions to all be more successful with our online ventures, right?!  Check out some of these ideas we have been mulling over for PPC.

First, we are definitely a fan of the huge trend toward Product Listing Ads, and mostly because we are seeing large revenues from this in general.  There is definitely a learning curve with these, and I am no exception. A big source of revenue we may have missed out on was product listing ads during the holidays.  After we all learn to optimize the feed and such, we are going to be in the money making business for all of our clients.

Attribution modeling is going to be another area that I would like to focus on myself.  Tons of bid management software’s make this available, and plenty of people are starting to focus on it.  Google analytics will soon have a tool for this, if not already has one.  The whole idea here is to make sure that credit goes to where it is deserved.  This will clear out any fuzzy results, and gives you another tool that you can use to sharpen your income, and success.

Remarketing with Google analytics also can give you a lot of good stuff you can base your remarketing on, as well.  You can just about customize anything in the world based on nearly anything you want, doing this right.  We want to provide a dynamic and creative effort in our marketing efforts, and these are a few ways that I feel that we can be successful as well as open up potential in our business.


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