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The question is whether you should invest in SEO or PPC for your real estate campaign?  Which is better to garner real estate leads? Figuring out ways to drive quality traffic to your website, how to improve things is one of the essential questions to consider. Both the methods will help your business get in front of genuine property sellers, tenants, cash buyers, and of course property buyers. Both SEO and PPC have their difference and come with individual benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to budget, you need to consider the amount of money and time to invest in SEO or PPC. Which one would you choose? What suits your business requirements?  

According to an article published on, for supporting the customer journey, the marketers need to figure out the search intent of the targeted customers and bring into line their SEO and PPC accordingly. It will help them meet consumer demand and transform prospects into loyal customers.  

Real estate businesses need leads fast but then require the money to launch an online campaign. PPC gives results faster than SEO, but both help to yield the maximum return on investment (ROI). It all boils down to business requirements and budget to decide whether to choose SEO or PPC for real estate. Read on to learn more.  

How SEO helps 

The objective of any SEO campaign is to help your property business website appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). More essential is the fact that if your website fails to grab the top spot in the SERPs, you would not get the traffic needed to convert prospects into buyers. SEO helps in building customer trust and research indicates that 85 percent of the clicks go to SEO, especially organic search. In a typical case, organic leads contributed to 36.4 percent of the leads and PPC accounted much less, which was 12.3 percent.  

SEO helps in building authority, showing your business relevance, and letting your real estate website matched to the relevant search terms. It will take some time to produce results but important for the performance of your website. When you know about the building blocks of achieving top SERP rankings, the sky is your limit.  

How PPC helps 

If you are looking for quick results, then PPC is your best bet. You can opt for paid marketing if your budget permits. Your real estate business ad can appear in the topmost spot on the search pages much faster than organic SEO, but you need to have a good advertising budget. Then, you need to take some time out of your busy schedule to build a rock-solid PPC marketing strategy. Alternatively, you can hire a PPC professional to do the job for you. Again, that will cost you.  

SEO benefits  

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of SEO and PPC for your real estate campaign:  

Free: SEO is free and will not cost you like PPC if you are aware of search engine optimization. All you need is a thorough keyword (KW) research, implementation of best practices, and creating quality content. On the contrary, pay per click for real estate investors is not that easy on the wallet 

Better ROI in the future: Once you have implemented the right SEO techniques and best practices, you need not repent. Rank high in the SERPs, make your business visible online, build your authority, and your ROI will shoot up in the long-term. Whatever little investment you made, with increased traffic signifies a low cost per head.  

Consistent traffic in the days to come: You will generate consistent traffic in the long-term because people tend to click on organic links and trust these more than a sponsored advertisement 

SEO is beneficial for YouTube marketing too: It is great if you create quality blog posts to boost your brand awareness. You can grab a little more of your buyers’ attention through YouTube videos. All you need to do is optimize the videos with relevant KWs.  

PPC benefits 

Here come the PPC benefits for your real estate business:  

Quick results: It is the greatest benefit of PPC over SEO. You need not wait for weeks or months for the traffic to generate. All you need to do is build an AdWords campaign and you will get the results right away. It is beneficial for real estate investors who have just started their business.  

Safe from Google’s algorithm updates: When you opt for organic SEO, a new algorithm update by Google can push your website deeper down in the SERPS. Now, that is frustrating. On the contrary, PPC is immune to such algorithm updates irrespective of the changes you make in the campaign. You will keep generating traffic for your real estate website.  

Extremely targeted PPC has an edge over SEO when it comes to quick traffic generation and conversions. PPC is highly target-oriented when it comes to buyers, while organic search sometimes becomes a little unpredictable. It is true that you have to bid for KWs, the search engine giant Google employs a quality score parameter to determine how related the paid ad is to the targeted audience. Therefore, when a user clicks on the ad, they would have a real interest to buy the property on sale. These little things matter in PPC campaigns as well.  

Leveraging SEO and PPC simultaneously 

Yes, you can use both the methods if it suits your business needs and budget. You can start a paid campaign to achieve faster results and quick traffic and opt for SEO for long-term results. It will help your website generate more exposure, use of intent search terms, use effective paid ad copy as well as SEO content, and test the KWs with PPC before switching to SEO content.  


When it comes to driving quality traffic to your real estate website, both SEO and PPC matter. What you choose depends on your budget and business. If you are just starting your business, PPC is the way to go. On the contrary, if you have an established property business, you can continue with an organic search for long-term gains. You can even use SEO and PPC at the same time based on your website requirements.  

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