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In a simple answer, yes. Schema is something that should be intrinsic to your website and implemented correctly to optimize your SEO efforts.

Schema markup is something that is important to implement onto a website and is looking to become more and more important as time progresses – here is what you need to know about schema.


What is Schema markup?

Scheme markup is a way to tell bots and search engines more information about exactly what your content is about. It is completely and entirely meant for the benefit of the robots that crawl your site.

Schema allows your content to be displayed on search results as rich snippets. Rich snippets are snippets of information that add information in useful ways to search engine results pages. For example:

  • Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Job listings
  • Services
  • Person
  • Business
  • Book
  • FAQs
  • etc.

There are many different types of schema that, importantly, do not change how the content looks to the web user but changes things completely for the crawling robot and search engine.

Naturally, this will make some website owners feel anxious – typically, website owners want to concentrate on the content, not on the code side of the content. However, this is intrinsically something that will benefit you if implemented correctly.


How is Schema implemented?

It is recommended that schema is implemented using JSON, considering this is the go-to way of implementing schema, according to Google.

However, for those that are not understanding what this means, it is something that is typically implemented using an SEO plugin. From having a browse of the two best SEO plugins (in my opinion):

  • Yoast SEO has JSON implementation
  • Rank Math has a similar schema implementation. Although, they provide more options and customization of schemas than Yoast.

As long as you have the option enabled with your SEO plugin, you should be implementing schema onto your site. With this, it is worth double-checking you are implementing the correct schema for the correct content on your site.


Is it Important?

Yes. Although your content will not look any different, it will for Google and other search engines.

Google is also moving towards more structured data, to make their search engine as good as it can be. This is made possible through structured data and schema implementation.

With this, try and get into the habit of:

  1. What all the different schema options are
  2. When you are writing content, ask yourself ‘can this be made better for SEO if you implemented schema for it?’

This won’t reduce the SEO of your articles significantly if you do not use it. However, it will certainly make it much harder for your results to feature-rich snippets, which can contribute to a reduction in SERP ranking.

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