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As the year enters the homestretch to the third quarter, the picture is getting clearer on what webmasters and site owners have been doing throughout the year. PPC marketing trends for the year have banked mainly in the mobile sector. This is because cell phones with Internet access have shown better leverage in pay per click usage than that on the personal computer. It is also interesting to note that latest trends have relied heavily on electronics. As more and more people continue.

PPC Marketing Costs

One of the most revealing pictures of the PPC marketing trends for the year includes the marketing costs. Most webmasters have had to set up satellite mobile blogs to run alongside the mother sites. This has increased the complexities and effectiveness of running ad campaigns but inversely increased conversion rates due to the following factors:

Cell phones have been able to recover business costs in a way that running on computers cannot because of accessibility at any time. This is why the click rate for mobile sites was on a lower margin than that on the big screen. The average figure for every click for the former platform was $0.04, while that of the big screen was $0.19.

Trends in Search Advertising

Though mobile networking has dominated PPC marketing trends for 2012, promotional trends have been universal in computers, too, on the social networks. People have been keen to utilize video sharing avenues that have helped to earn affiliates multiple digit returns. Social media has emerged as one of the major traffic-mining grounds where PPC marketing trends have reared their head most. There are details that marketers have been spending, on average, $31.34 to get through to their customers via PPC campaigns on the cell phone and slightly above $606 on the computer.

Search advertising has emerged as the cash cow if PPC marketing trends are anything to go by. There have been many reviews by affiliates and ad-generators alike through links. These have been using dynamic Meta tags and keyword-rich product reviews to make it to the top of the search engine results. There has also been a resurgence on what advertisers call the lost metric search. Though PPC marketing trends in 2012 have concentrated more on relevancy and quality, the good old metric results have also emerged once again. This has happened through careful accumulation of links in various sites from where the consumers can click on these ads and thus earn the site high ranking, quantitatively.

Major Products Advertised

Many product based ad campaigns have made it into the top PPC marketing trends for this year as well. Mobile gadgets and electronics have dominated the product category. This is due to the much touted iPhone releases and other Smartphone announcements. We’ve also seen a huge increase in games and multimedia, with many sites promoting software and games that simulate such lifelike events as Formula One around the world.

The services repertoire that has made it to the PPC marketing trends includes that of travel, special parties and other celebrations. Many websites have used PPC optimization on these services to increase awareness about these occasions and the accessory products, like gifts that go with them. It is notable that most of these ads have been posted on social networking sites where marketers have been keen on increasing their followers who, in turn, become leads.

In short, the pay per click marketing trends for this year have been more mobile based than ever before. If one did not optimize ads for the handheld device, he or she had to create a separate site for the same. We’ve also seen that relying on the cellular platform has been able to bring the expense down because of portability, accessibility and minimalist content that does not require much cost. Furthermore, the latest trends show that the Smartphone comes with commercial-ready software, sometimes even better than that on the computer. This shows that many advertisers do not have to undergo the expense of installing new programs to cater for the deficit.

Thus, the PPC marketing trends for 2012 have been keen on targeting new technology, recouping the good old metric results, and relying heavily on search and social media advertising. All these factors have contributed to the current PPC marketing trends and what you should look out for in the coming months to years.

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