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Modern-day people’s financial awareness is much higher these days compared to what it was a few years past. Moreover, investors have understood well the importance of brokerage services for lucrative investments. At the same time, the brokerage platform is essential to be user-friendly. However, technology has certainly simplified things to a great extent, as there are many technologically enriched brokerage platforms in modern times. The number of online stock brokers has also immensely increased. Starting from stocks to derivatives, these online platforms have turned out to be the all-inclusive platforms for all.

However, with the growing number of online platforms, the level of threats has also grown immensely. Starting from malware, hacking to phishing scams, there is a huge range of security threats that always loom over the head of the investors. Statistics claim that every day about 24k threatening mobile applications gets blocked for security reasons. As per Accenture’s reports in 2017, more than 130 high-end breachings had occurred in the United States. Most importantly, this is increasing by 27 percent each year since then.

When the security of tech giants like Facebook can be compromised, then the capability of hackers can never be ignored. Those uninitiated, user detail of 87 million users of Facebook has occurred in the past, which had cost the social media giant a massive 119 billion dollars on a single day. In this context, provided below are some of the best practices recommended for the investors to avoid cybersecurity threats. People are much more aware than ever of cybersecurity needs. In fact, the industry of cybersecurity has already crossed the worth of 200 billion dollars. Irrespective of the size of the companies, everyone wants top-notch security.

Below we list you top 3 cybersecurity tips for the Savvy Investors:

1. Encrypt Your Online Activity


While conducting transactions over the web or handling investments, personal data and various sensitive data often become essential to be shared. Even a beginner level investor can relate to this.


Any investor or user in such an occasion would obviously wish to keep the tracks of its browsing secret over the web. They would also wish to keep things secret from even internet service providers.

Unfortunately, but it’s true that transactions are mostly done through an unencrypted network. This comes associated with the threats of coming under the exposure of hackers. It means there remains every threat for the concerned user’s personal data to be compromised or becoming apparent among the hackers.


Encryption is nothing but a measure to keep the online activities and the associated person or concerned business data safe, especially from hackers with the ability to steal the key personal and sensitive data.

The best practice that an investor may follow to address the challenges as of above is to use a VPN for the encryption of sensitive data. This can indeed assure about utmost safety of data over the web and that over history.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network can cocoon the investor or user’s web connectivity through a coat of encryption. Most importantly, it restricts the hackers from observing your movements over the web. Specifically, though they say that you are online but don’t reveal the sites being visited or services checked.

2. Install firewall


Investors in some occasions witness flooded traffic while working witnessing too many enquiries, which often gets uncontrolled.


These are the occasions when the possibility of security breaching remains at the peak. In fact, cyber criminals use this as a strategy upon sending artificial traffic through bots.


The first thing that one needs to ensure about is to install an Internet firewall for the system, and configure the same with perfection. This is considered the most proven way of having control over the traffic. One may make use of hardware firewalls as well alongside. Those using broadband should definitely take this into account.

3. Install anti-spyware program


You might discover certain anonymous programs within the system. In most occasions, these programs or applications ask for personal details while going for accessing the same.


There remains every possibility for these unknown programs to be the spyware programs intended towards collecting personal details often harming your system and inserting viruses. Moreover, they take away sensitive personal details. They also intend towards collecting details of browsing activities


Keeping the threats as of above in mind, it is recommended for savvy investors to use most updated anti-spyware tools for quick detection of these spyware programs.

Use anti-spyware software to detect and remove spyware programs which can collect various types of personal information, monitor your browsing activity and interfere with the control of your computer.


With the financial world getting increasingly technology-enriched, it has become essential for investors to be aware of tech-based security measures. Specifically, they should take the discussed above challenges seriously as these do appear frequently and have safety measures accordingly.

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