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Backlinks are undoubtedly amongst the essential elements of search engine optimization. In fact, Google considers them as one of the vital metrics of its algorithm that decides the positioning of websites in search rankings. Basically, a good link profile that is made of quality backlinks has a strong potential for taking your site to the top. But the benefits of link building are not confined to SEO alone as there is a lot more than they can do for your website. Though you may not really be aware of these benefits, they can have a far-reaching impact on your website and business. Once you know these benefits, you will probably take them more seriously. Let us explain the link building benefits beyond SEO that you cannot ignore.  

Build your brand authority 

Getting quality backlinks on high authority and niche relevant websites do wonder for your SEO efforts. At the same time, they also have the potential to boost the authority of your brand. Just like Google sees these backlinks as a positive indication that your site offers valuable information for the users, your customers visualize them as proof of your brand’s credibility. Obviously, they will trust your brand more and prefer it over your competition. The good brand authority also translates into stronger relationships with the customers and they are likely to stick with your brand and recommend it to others as well. So link building can definitely be a smart and cost-effective branding effort for any business.  

Drive steady referral traffic  

Not all traffic originates from search engines. In fact, referral traffic that comes from indirect sources makes a substantial percentage of traffic that your website gets. Essentially, this is the traffic generated by people clicking on the links that lie within the content published elsewhere. Having your content published on high-traffic sites gives you extensive benefits in this context. Not only do such links boost your SEO efforts, but they also have the potential to target traffic through referrals. What’s more, even a single backlink on a popular site puts your referral traffic on autopilot as it continues to propel traffic month after month and even year after year. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune to get sustainable traffic with quality backlinks.  

Build strong bonds with the customers 

Quality backlinks translate into stronger bonds with your customers, which is something that matters the most for any business. When someone comes across valuable content online, they would definitely want to explore the backlinks within and reach back to the source of the content. There is a good chance that they would click and land on your website. And they will probably do it time and again if they find your content compelling enough. Moreover, they may end up joining your newsletter, converting on your website or even following your social media pages. Whichever action they take, customers are likely to stay connected, know you better and build lasting bonds through quality backlinks. 

Create relationships with industry leaders 

Another benefit that quality links can serve for your website is their potential to create new relationships with niche influencers. According to SEO experts, a large number of backlinks on niche relevant sites get your strategy going and forges relationships with the industry-leading influencers as well. You connect with them to have your blog posts published on their websites and make conscious efforts to follow them as well. During this process, you build relationships with them naturally. Moreover, the relationships are likely to get stronger over the years, as you post on their blogs year after year.  

Get the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing  

The fact that your content gets published on niche-leading websites means that you get endorsed by the most influential people in the industry. Such an endorsement gets you the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, which can be a magic pill for your branding initiative. Considering the kind of influence these niche leaders have on the internet landscape, you can expect every single backlink to take your brand a long way ahead of the competitors. This is an opportunity that you would not want to miss.  

Serve as a smart promotional strategy 

You may have created a great piece of content but don’t expect it to yield the desired benefits unless it reaches the target audience. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on promoting your brand through paid strategies, backlinks serve as an organic tactic that is cost-effective and delivers sustainable benefits as well. It definitely makes sense to get genuine reach through content pieces that are used for creating share-worthy backlinks. The more people share your content, the greater the number of links it gets. So you can actually use a single solid backlink to create hundreds more through audience shares. What a smart way to promote your website and brand isn’t it!  

Make your content a long-term resource  

An additional benefit of link building is that it can actually make your content pieces long-term resources on the internet. Provided that you choose an evergreen topic and the right content format, your backlinks may link to resources that people access year after year. Consumers searching specific pieces of information are most likely to see such links on top of search results and go ahead to read them. This can get traffic for your website time and again from a couple of backlinks only. So a one-time effort made for creating a high-value backlink can drive results for years to come. 

Now that you probably understand that the benefits of link building go beyond SEO, you will probably have more reasons to invest in these tactics. What you really must do is prioritize the best websites with high authority and niche relevance for creating links that yield true value. At the same time, you should stick to top-notch content quality along with juicy topics that are likely to be of interest to your target audience year after year. So go ahead and go the extra mile with your link building strategy!  

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