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If you are a local business, and you think investing your time, effort, and money to amplify your presence on Google and the other search engines is a waste, think again. You now live in the 21st century where almost four billion people have access to a smartphone. If you don’t get with the program, you get left behind. As such, you need Local SEO to capture the clients in your location. Without Local SEO, you may get lost in a sea of corporations and large companies. 

For instance, if you have a food business located in Melbourne, Australia, it is necessary to leverage Local SEO so locals will be able to see you when they search for keywords pertaining to your niche. Of course, you want your nearby clients to know where you are right away instead of your competition. And even if you deliver your artisanal food offerings in nearby cities like Sydney or internationally, you still need Local SEO to get your lion’s share of the local market. For best results, you can ask the help of a Melbourne SEO Agency who has the right pulse of the local crowd and a good grasp of the trends when it comes to your specific location.  

Don’t forget that local business is held in high esteem not just by clientele in your area but by Google, too. The top three web search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have their own parameters when it comes to ranking you up using your geography. This is vital in helping you get the target audience that you need to reach the clients who can truly make a difference in your profitability. Consider the following points below to help you motivate you to focus on your Local SEO efforts. 

What is Local SEO?

When it comes to SEO or search engine optimisation, Local SEO is a highly specialised umbrella aspect. Before you think this doesn’t need your attention, hold your horses. This branch of SEO is one of the most useful strands when it comes to marketing your business in the digital world. 

To implement Local SEO techniques effectively, you must have a good grasp of what it is all about. To effectively invest time in it, you must understand its relevance to your business and how it can directly impact your company’s brand image. 

Local SEO commands a dominant place in the world of digital marketing because it can help your business bloom and grow. Isn’t that the goal of most entrepreneurs? Local SEO will help promote your business by amplifying your visibility when searchers look up location-based or geo-specific searches. With Local SEO techniques, you will be able to appeal, entice, and attract your local clients in the most effective manner so that you can drive foot traffic to your current address. 

In a Google-centric society where people search online for every little concern, you need this SEO variation to make sure your company is found online when people are searching for things “near me” or pertaining to their address. These include variables like your city, state, zip code, landmarks, and the like. By using a Melbourne SEO Agency, you can get this done efficiently. 

Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

Local SEO is your lifeblood, most especially if you have a brick-and-mortar counterpart to your website. If you provide a tailor-fit service to a specific location, you need to rely on this to help you boost your brand. When you capture the attention of people who can have a massive impact on your company, you can only expect good outcomes and a positive trajectory. 

To prove these assertions, the acclaimed magazine Forbes showed that almost all smartphone owners had used their gadgets to conduct local-based searches. Within this massive group, 61% actually did the decisive action to call those businesses, while an equally astounding 59% physically dropped by in the local stores. 

It is evident in these figures that searches based on locality are a strong force to contend with when it comes to reaching your clients. Because it is easy and convenient to do these searches, people depend on them. As such, you stand to gain a lot of revenue from these local clients by harnessing Local SEO.

When people already have the intent to buy, as seen through actively searching for your products or services in Google, the higher the chances of them pushing through with a sale or getting in touch with you. By using these qualified leads, you increase the client conversion rate for your company with the end result of amplified sales and increased profit margins. 

How Local SEO Impacts your Business

The impact of local SEO is far-reaching, so it is vital to optimise your site to include these tools. Failure to do so means that you place your company at risk because you can lose to your local competitors. For this to be effective, you must focus on the three vital components of Local SEO ranking, which are: how prominent you are, how relevant your company is, and what the level of your proximity is to people doing the searches. When you apply these, you can see the impact of your efforts on your business. This will be exhibited in the following:

Boosts your Online Visibility

When you use proper Local SEO tools like citation building, listing with Google Business, including a Google map and more, you help boost your website’s presence. When you optimise your website based on your address, you will rank first when people do a location-based search.

Significant Increase in Traffic

When your visibility online skyrockets, this equates to more traffic flocking to your web page. The direct impact of this offline is also an increase in the number of your brick-and-mortar’s foot traffic. With more customers to serve, you will have more sales. 

Targets the Right Audience

It is common knowledge that digital marketing will cost a bit of money. No matter how little your marketing cost is, a penny saved will always be a penny earned. So you don’t waste your resources on the wrong crowd, it is imperative to target the right buyer persona. This means making sure your Local SEO campaigns and marketing materials will reach the audience who can make a difference. 

For instance, if you’re an automotive shop in Melbourne, why target the people living in Adelaide. Although both of you are located in the Land Down Under, doing SEO this way is inefficient. Instead, you must focus your resources and efforts by zeroing in on the right traffic and concentrating on more relevant geo-specific keyword search terms.

Improves Your Credibility

In business, your reputation is everything. Stain this, and you will be hard-pressed to get clients. In the same token, if you have no website authority, Google will not rank you well. This will have a direct and massive impact on your clients, too, because you will no longer come up in their searches. 

Thus, you must work hard to optimise your site. Sign up for Google My Business which will readily show your address, operating hours, contact numbers, menu offerings, etc. If you can hook this up with Google Maps, people can see how to get to your store. With these two, Google will rank you well. 

When you pair these aforementioned elements with link building efforts, enhancing your content, optimising your logo, boosting site speed, and more, you will enhance the relevance and credibility of your company. Your brand becomes more prominent due to an improved reputation. This will compel the search engines to rank you high, routing traffic to your site so you make more sales.


The positive impact of Local SEO cannot be denied. Its most important benefit is an increase in your company’s bottom line. If you have no clue what Local SEO is, fret not because you can easily unlock these tools to unleash your company’s full potential. You can readily read articles on this to brush up your skills or you can coordinate with Local SEO service agencies in your area. If you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to amp up your Local SEO game. Failure to do so can mean your company’s demise.

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