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Search Engine Optimization is important for almost anything you want to promote on the internet. Whether it is your blog or website, SEO makes it more visible to users of your niche and help you ranks higher in Google searches.

But still, many bloggers fail to take the advantage of search engine optimization techniques. Did you know that running a successful blog can be a piece of cake if the right SEO optimization methods are used? Let’s talk a few ways through which you can efficiently SEO optimize your blog:

Keyword Research

Adding relevant keywords to a blog is an essential part of SEO optimizing your blog. You should conduct thorough research on which keywords related to your topic are performing the best n terms of attracting traffic.

You should always try to include keywords naturally by creating valuable and quality content on a topic. Targeting and placing the proper keywords gives Google an understanding about the nature of your content. 

If you’re a medical practitioner and run a blog with of the same nature, make sure to use keywords that are relevant to your topic and not just random keywords. You can also make use of practice management software to manage the everyday tasks you undertake, all in one place.

There are many tools and techniques like Google Adwords Keyword Tool you can use to find well-performing keywords relevant to the topic you are covering. 

Tip: Focus on only one keyword in a blog, and it will help you laser target your blog to a suitable audience.

Design your Blog for SEO

Building an attractive and engaging UX design for your blog is as essential as having an appealing marketing design and will give your blog a boost in search engine rankings. There are a few steps you can take to design your blog for user and SEO traffic.

 Use less Difficult Keywords: choosing difficult keywords will make it hard for your blog to attract traffic because of the higher competition. Choose a keyword that has a decent traffic volume with the level of competition being low.

 Use Long-Tail Keywords: Long-Tail keywords are three or more phrase keywords that are specific to what your content is about. Ranking high will become easier when users search for particular content, and if you have those specific long-tail keywords in your blogs.

 Use Keywords in Titles & Subheadings: Using your targeted and primary keyword in titles and subheadings of your blog will help in Google rankings. Make sure to not stuff keywords in the title and subheadings deliberately. 

 Create Eye-Catching Meta Titles & Descriptions: Writing a Meta title and description that’s eye-catching and grabs users’ attention is the goal here. Adding your keyword in the meta title and description is helpful for your ranking and attracting traffic.

Blogging is not challenging in itself, but for a newbie starting a blog and optimizing it is an intimidating task.

To get started, put in some thought into writing your meta title and your meta description. Try and use your primary keyword in the beginning and concluding paragraphs of your post. These are the few things you must make sure to be careful about when optimizing your blog for SEO. 

Allow Visitor’s a Subscription Option

Many visitors on your blog might want to revisit your blog in the future. Enable your readers to subscribe to your blog by placing feed subscription buttons.

You can start by sending a welcoming email for introducing them to your blog. This will allow the followers of your blog to instantly be notified about your latest posts without having to go through the effort of checking your page regularly.  

If they like the welcoming email, there is chance that they will always come back for more.

Extend Your Reach with Social Media

Many businesses, brands, bloggers, and influencers use SEO for driving traffic to their respective pages. Some of them also use it for making sales and generate profits for their businesses. 

Promoting your content on different social media platforms will give your blog more exposure and drive a new audience to your blog. 

You can also use social media to invest your time connecting with other influencers or bloggers for collaborations or cross-promotion to attract a new audience to your blog. But at the same time, make sure that you work on the link building for your blog as well.

Social media gives you access to an unexplored viewer base and the platform for acquiring potential customers.


With everything being said, the question of “how much does SEO cost” still arises. The answer to this almost always depends on your budget and the services you are looking to get. The decision making in this regard is left up to your discretion to choose according to your budget and services required.

These are a few of the simple tips you can follow to SEO optimize your blog to attract more traffic on your page and rank higher in Google searches. 

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