There’s only a few weeks until Halloween which marks the start of the most successful time for the majority of businesses: the holiday season. The holiday season is the time of the year that people genuinely spend more money, namely because of the Christmas period.

However, in terms of PPC, it is also a very successful time too, both for publishers and advertisers. Budgets are reallocated, traffic is at an all time high for the year, meaning there are even more potential consumers to target in PPC.

With this, it is always important to prepare for the holiday season as best as you can. Here are a few things you can start to think about for this year’s PPC holiday season.


Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are an extremely easy and effective way to increase the space that your area takes up on paid search results. In general, the larger the advert is on paid search results, the higher the probability of the advert being engaged with and clicked on.

As well as this, ad extensions help to get a conversion much quicker, by potentially missing out the ‘middle man’ landing page. It’s a win-win to use during the holiday season.


Plan Your Budget

Budget is extremely important during the holiday season. In essence, you want to make sure you plan your budget accordingly, in the sense that:

  • You have enough budget to adopt a healthy CPC, so the CTR you receive gives you the necessary amount of traffic for your budget.
  • You will want a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • You have enough budget to gain traffic, with it increasing the closer it gets towards Christmas – the highest conversion is a week or two before Christmas, so make sure you don’t use all your budget before then!


Add Season to Landing Pages

The holiday spirit is infectious and generally makes people feel happy and positive. When the holiday season is in full swing, add tints and hints of the holiday season on your landing page. Nothing about your landing page strictly has to change. But, adding some festive theming can go a long way to improving the conversion rate of a landing page.


Analyse Competition

If your competition is doing something that you are not during the holiday season, you want to be as quick as possible to reduce any deficit. This could be that they rank above you in paid search results, or that they offer a discount whereas you do not. Whatever it is, make sure to keep tabs on your competition so you are always in the loop of what unique selling points they are offering to differentiate themselves from yourself.

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