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Research has shown that thousands of companies all over the world have succeeded in executing their content marketing strategies through using a carefully-built content calendar – that is why I continually encourage organizations seeking growth to consider it as one of their top weapons. Content calendars help to schedule all content activity, and it can entail the upcoming pieces, updates to already-published content, partnerships as well as planned promotional strategies. 

Having been using a content calendar (commonly known as an editorial calendar) and content marketing services from seasoned experts, I can attest that it comes with plenty of benefits. First off, it makes it a lot easier for your team of experts to work together to achieve the company’s goals. Besides, it enables you to get the bigger picture of the stuff you are posting. Of course, you must comprehend the significant elements of your content calendar before you begin creating it. Are you ready to get started? Let me give you the key steps to follow when creating an effective content calendar for your company. 

How to Plan a Content Calendar? Three-Step Guide 

Since you can essentially use any kind of calendar or project management app you prefer for your content calendar, this article will focus on what you can add to the content calendar to maximize your content marketing effectiveness.

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  1. Reuse Existing Content Assets

I can promise you that this is one of the things that make the process of creating a content calendar effortless. You and your team do not have to spend hours on end looking for new content ideas. You can spruce up the valuable insights you already have and come up with more and better ones. Do not be afraid to mix them a little if you think it will help. There are various ways to repurpose the content assets you have. 

For instance, there is no harm in adjusting your old blog posts, removing irrelevant information, and replacing it with new details. In this case, you can use reverse atomization to merge them into a white paper if they are all about one topic. You can also reuse existing content assets by breaking big content pieces and interviewing your colleagues and co-workers. 

As you think about using the content assets that are already in your hands, consider seeking content marketing services from reputable firms. Content marketing experts will help you to create quality content that can make your brand more popular. With the help of content management services, you can identify your strengths and use them to your advantage, winning the hearts of your clients and achieving your goals at the same time. Again, content marketing will enable you to use the right SEO strategies to increase your website’s traffic. 

  1. Create Unique Content Shows

Lately, I have noticed that using content shows has become one of the most popular content marketing strategies today. Audiences are more drawn to the shows, making them super useful in helping your clients to know more about your company and the products you offer. There are different types of content shows, decide on the one that best suits your current needs. 

To begin with, there are one-time content shows that you can create once in a year to address a major problem that your clients have been encountering. Most of these shows are considerably large, and they match your brand values as well as tone. They can comprise contests, research materials, user-generated content campaigns as well as white papers. 

I can also recommend the binge-worthy content shows. Consistency characterizes them, plus they come with a similar format and theme. As a company that is sure about the goals you want to achieve using your content calendar, ensure that you create at least two of these shows every month, regardless of the effort and sacrifice it will call for. A binge-worthy show should be focused on a minimum of two audiences, and it can range from podcasts and reports to white papers, and video series. 

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  1. Plan Your Content

This is the last thing in this three-step guide that I always advocate for planning your content calendar. You have already reused your old content and created relevant content shows; it is time to come up with a great plan to publish, promote, and even track the data. 

You can do this by calling for regular editorial meetings so that every professional in the content creation team can voice their thoughts. At the end of it all, you should have set realistic time frames upon which your content should have achieved a particular goal. 

The meetings should also enable you to identify the content that is bringing in the best results and the one that is not leading to desirable outcomes. Consider twisting the unfavorable content a little, and as you make your tweaks, think about revenue data, web as well as social analytics. 

I would advise you to use a few content calendar platforms and effective tools, regardless of whether you are a beginner or not. You can also check out some templates online to get a hint of how you should do it. 

Final Thoughts 

A great content marketing calendar is precisely what you need to ensure that your various content marketing strategies work. I can guarantee that nothing will help you smash your goals faster than this tool, and all you have to do is plan it right. Start by repurposing your old content ideas, creating excellent content shows, and later on organizing how you will publish, market and track your content. 

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