All business people know: the larger the audience, the more orders, and the profits you will receive. Unfortunately, only a small part of online entrepreneurs understand what steps they need to take to attract more people and increase conversions.

Nowadays marketing plays a significant part in any business development. Big companies have large marketing departments in order to promote their business and drive sales or services. Small business owners such as dropshippers usually cannot afford to hire marketing experts, so they try to advance their e-commerce stores on their own.

Here are 5 free ways to drive more traffic to your dropshipping online store with ease:

  • Blogging

Blogging is an obvious, but really great way to increase traffic on your ecommerce website.

First, blogging means more pages, internal and external links for your ecommerce website. If you write interesting blog posts about whatever related to your dropshipping store and share them on social media, there’s a chance that someone stumbles upon your website surfing the internet. If the person gets interested in your blog content, he or she will definitely look at your dropshipping store offers.

Secondly, writing blog posts regularly is a good signal for search engine machines. For them, it means that your website is active and frequently updated, so its ranking will be high. It also gives you an opportunity to create content around particular keywords needed to promote your personal dropshipping store.

  • E-mail marketing

To increase traffic on your dropshipping store you can send engaging e-mails to your customers. It doesn’t mean that you should send a flood of letters to them, but 2-3 e-mails a week is ok to remind about your ecommerce website and drive more traffic to your dropshipping online store. Personalized offers, sales announcements, newsletters about the products, notifications about your new blog posts, etc. are great ways to drive traffic to your online store.

  • YouTube channel

Another way to increase more traffic to your dropshipping store is by creating a YouTube channel. Make informative videos about your products and their advantages among other competitors, but at the same time do not turn your channel into teleshopping. Make up a never-seen-before format for your videos, answer the customers’ questions, leave your own comments on the related channels and you’ll attract more people not only to your YouTube channel but also to your dropshipping webstore.

  • Social media

Social networks like Facebook or Instagram are great to stay in touch with your family and friends as well as with your audience. Besides that, they are great to drive traffic to your dropshipping online store and to promote it.

Facebook is a popular tool to increase web traffic to your dropshipping store. Create a page dedicated to your dropshipping store, make posts, surveys or special offers and share them in Facebook groups related to your dropshipping store idea. These actions will attract potential clients to your ecommerce website and increase your conversions.

Instagram is also a great way to drive traffic to your dropshipping online store. According to statistics, 50% of Instagram users follow not less than one business account. As you see, this social media has great potential, if you use it wisely. Photos, videos, and stories can tell your audience a lot about the store offers and your business in general.

  • Question-and-answer sites

Use different websites where questions are asked and answered by its users. Follow blogs and topics related to your dropshipping store, look for dropshippers, comment on their answers and add valuable information. If users find your answers valuable, they can follow you, so you will get more audience and more potential clients.

These ways of promoting dropshipping online stores are simple and really helpful for each small business owner. They allow business people to promote their e-commerce stores at no cost and get more visitors and orders with minimal efforts.

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