PPC agencies deal with different kinds of businesses and individuals. The temperament, requirements, and mode of communication vary from client to client. 

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Creating a transparent and consistent communication environment for all clients is essential for the reputation and customer satisfaction of all PPC agencies. 

Maintaining uniformity while interacting with clients also eliminates the struggle to shuffle between clients.

Besides the basic etiquette of using a polite tone, clearly stating guidelines, and maintaining transparency for clients, there are specific other tactics that can help PPC agencies gain traction and build stronger customer relationships significantly.

In this article, I will discuss the top strategies that PPC agencies should implement to improve their overall client-handling process.

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Top 5 Methods to Improve Client Communication For PPC Agencies

Here are the best tactics that pay-per-click agencies should adopt for a smoother and solid agency-client relationship:

1- Set Clear Goals And Expectations

Before communicating directly with the clients, it is essential to understand their needs and expectations from you, as this will help you move forward with your PPC strategy.

You should be thorough with what the client’s history says and what they communicated to you before assigning you the job of marketing their brand. 

From the start of the association, clearly explain your capabilities and what you can deliver with alignment to their business goals. Also, clearly state the expected cost of their ad requirements beforehand to avoid any miscommunication anytime during the marketing journey.

Avoid making unrealistic promises just to please the clients as this will create a bad impression about your agency when you fail to meet their expectations.

Transparency will not only set their expectations for your agency but also build trust and credibility in your agency. This will further improve your agency’s customer retention rate.

During the initial stage of their PPC journey and association with you, explain your working style, mode of communication, deadlines, and budget clearly to clients to ensure that both of you remain on the same page at the same time. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary future conflicts.

2- Strengthen Internal Communication

Effective communication with the client is essential, but what else is important is smooth communication among the internal teams. It helps manage the workflows and handle customer queries in a smoother and time-saving way.

Internal communication is essential as it will save the client from getting confused about who or which team to contact in case of a particular need or emergency. 

If there is proper segregation of all the divisions of a customer query, it becomes easier to redirect the client to that particular team or individual. 

A pre-planned SOP for client communication saves your agency from unnecessary tiffs, confusion, and ego issues. 

Implement AI tools and software like Trello, ProofHub, and Monday.com that promotes and offers various built-in features to improve employees’ bonding and smoother workflow.

3- Incorporate A Service Desk

It is essential to offer clients a platform where they can easily interact with your team 24×7.

What’s better than implementing an effective service desk software that listens to and registers client issues, queries, and feedback? This will not only handle customer issues better but will also save your PPC agency’s time, effort, and human resources.

Making clients wait on calls and chat boxes for minutes to hours can be exhausting for them. It might lead them to choose your competitors over you.

An efficient service desk is proactive in responding to client’s issues with the help of artificial intelligence. If there is mismanagement of client handling, a designated customer management system solves the problem and stores all the issues and customer data in one place.

If you select a tool that can integrate with multiple social media platforms and your website, creating an omnichannel presence for your PPC agency becomes effortless.

It builds trust among the clients as they can freely approach your agency for their doubts or comments on any channel and continue the discussion where they left off. This gives them the ease of communication as they become assured that you are there for them at their convenience.

Additionally, a service desk enables various teams of your PPC agency to gather and analyze customer behavior based on their interaction, demographics, and data.

4- Stay Updated With The Industry Trends

As a PPC agency, you should be thorough with the ongoing digital marketing trends. Since there is direct client interaction when convincing them to choose your agency for their ads, it becomes essential to be informed about what is happening in the niche.

To educate them on how your services will help them shine digitally, you should be pre-informed about where you will start and what the roadmap will be.

Since you are a PPC agency, you should educate your team members through conferences, seminars, and webinars about the latest algorithms of the pay-per-click ad industry. Hence, they can convey the right and accurate information to the clients.

5- Provide Timely Updates And Reports

Transparent and timely reporting is a basic necessity to improve the client-agency relationship. It improves your brand’s credibility in the PPC niche.

It is incredibly essential to keep your clients informed about their project progress and success so they can offer valuable feedback and insights to make the best of your PPC campaigns. 

Accurate reporting helps clients make informed decisions about their marketing strategy.

You can set specific periods to deliver PPC campaign reports, like weekly, monthly, or half-yearly, so the clients know their ad spends and ROI. 

It is one of the most effective ways to improve client communication and build substantial brand value. This will further motivate the clients to spread the word-of-mouth and positive aspects of your PPC agency leading to more and more customer traction.


Handling and communicating with different clients simultaneously can be overwhelming for a PPC agency as there are other chores to manage.

But the client comes before anything for any business. Keeping them happy and informed about their project and progress becomes essential.

Timely self-analysis of whether the client handling in your PPC agency is working in your favor or otherwise. 

The questions you should be asking your team include how they interact with the clients, whether the clients are happy with their responses, or what areas of client handling can be improved. 

If you have stuck anywhere in the client communication process, follow the above-discussed tactics along with yours as they are tried and tested and will help you enhance your PPC agency’s customer satisfaction level.

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