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September may have just started, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking about the big events and holiday search terms that you can start marketing for right now. Let’s just name a few… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. These four events alone can make or break your business. How many web sites and brands are created for the sole purpose of making money specifically for these events.

Halloween Keywords

When it comes to targeting Halloween keywords you have a whole world of options. The best ways to target your audience is by getting them in a buying mode, which can include the use of long tail keywords and finding out what people will search for when they are looking to make a purchase. “Costume Name Coupons” is an easy target. What you would do is replace the “costume name” with the specific costume name and add the word “coupon”. This is a clear indication that a person is in a buying mode and looking for coupons to save on their purchase. Do the necessary research and building your landing pages and keyword campaigns to work together and make the most of our users who are in a seasonal buying mode.

Thanksgiving Ideas

When people are performing searches for Thanksgiving related keywords, its more about research than buying. Most people are looking for food, recipe and cooking ideas to share with their families. You can monetize your sites and ad campaigns by offering downloads or books that can be downloaded, which require an email address before download. There are millions of sites that offer Thanksgiving related services and content, but you will need to think of a monetization plan before being able to spend money on your ppc marketing campaigns.

Christmas and New Years

The massive money makers for holidays are Christmas and New Years. Christmas is a no brainer just with all of the gift buying. Coupon and review sites will make a ton of money if you can get them to rank for specific keywords. Another option is to write about the top selling products for the Christmas season as they will change every year.

New Years is a massive money maker because everyone is looking to make a new start and live their life for the better. Right after Christmas hits is the best time to start promoting weight loss offer and other niche products such as ways to quite smoking.

Keyword Marketing on an Annual Cycle

The excellent thing about creating ppc marketing campaigns around holidays, events and customer buying trends is that you know these cycles will continue to happen each and every year. The better you can make your campaigns, the better they should perform in the coming years.

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