Looking for the best SSL certificate for your website? You have come to the right place. 

No matter what type of website you own, an SSL certificate is mandatory. No wonder, a lot of webmasters have installed an SSL certificate.  

As per BuitlWith stats, there are 85,167,054 SSL certificates on the internet. 

An SSL certificate can help to secure your site, rank your website higher in search engines, build customer trust, and drive sales among others.  

There are different SSL certificates providers that offer different types of SSL certificates and you are to choose one according to your website needs or business goals and requirements.  

For instance, Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard is suited for large organizations that have each department and as a subdomain as you wish to protect your primary domain name as well as all subdomains of the domain. 

Below are listed SSL certificates for all types of websites. You can choose one depending on your website needs. 

1. SSL certificate for personal websites 

Have you built a website to showcase your hobby? Or are you a freelancer who has put up a website to showcase your portfolio to your clients? 

There are many SSL certificates that you can choose from offer up to 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root. It supports over 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers. 

You might feel there is no need for an SSL certificate for a personal website, but the opposite is true. It not only brings security, but you will appear professional to your audience and thus gain their trust. 


2. SSL certificate for e-commerce websites 

One of the key components to success for any type of e-commerce business is customer trust. But due to the high risk involved in sharing personal information online, consumers are very reluctant to do business with online sellers.  

In fact, 82% of Americans are concerned about online security. You can gain online customer’s trust by showing that you are concerned about their security. Installing an SSL on your website is a good step. 

For e-commerce websites, an Extended Validation Certificate will be the right fit. Besides domain name to owner authentication and business registration checks, it brings a strong layer of encryption to prevent phishing attacks or other malicious activities such as stealing personal information. 

You can opt for EV SSL and displays the closed padlock, the https and an SSL site seal to gain your customer’s trust. It will help you scale your business. 


3. SSL certificate for large organizations 

Own a large organization? You will need a multi-domain certificate on your websites as you are most likely to have several varied domains or own similar domains that are registered in many countries. 

A Multi domain SSL will not only secure your main domain but also secure several SAN (Subject Alternative Name) domain names in a single certificate. It does not need numerous dedicated IP addresses for your hostnames. 

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard can be a great option. You can secure up to 250 domains and unlimited sub-domains with this SSL certificate and it offers256-bit encryption. It is a highly cost-effective solution. 


4. SSL certificate for WordPress websites 

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and powers 35% of the web. However, it is also the most hacked CMS. It accounted for 90% of all hacked CMS sites in 2018. 

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To secure your WordPress site, a Domain Validation SSL Certificate can be a cost-effective and time-saving option. It is especially suited for blogs and brochure sites as it offers strong encryption to websites.  

A DV SSL is usually issued within minutes, and it is the go-to option for web owners looking to protect their domain without wasting time and money. 

For example, you will want to secure your site with one of the two low-priced DV security certificates that RapidSSL issues. Since it uses a streamlined, automated domain validation process, you can obtain it fast without any hassle. 

You can choose to encrypt one domain with the DV certificate and get 256-bit encryption, a static site seal, and a hefty amount of warranty or get the RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate and secure your main domain and an unlimited number of your sub-domains.  You will be getting a $10,000 warranty. 


5. SSL certificate for business websites 

If you own a business, you probably have already set up a website to target your own country or to go global. In this modern world, a business strategy is incomplete if it doesn’t include setting up a website. 

And in order to make your website visitors feel secure, installing an SSL certificate is a must. 

Businesses usually go for Organization Validated SSL certificate as it brings added trust by offering an extra layer of confidence to their guests.  

An OV SSL Certificate protected website will show a small padlock and HTTPS prefix in the user’s browser bar. If you click on the padlock, you will have organization’s name listed in the certificate, it gives added trust that both the website and the company are trustworthy. 

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You can opt for OV SSL certificate and secure your business website while simultaneously gaining visitor’s trust and improving your business reputation. 

Over to You 

As you can see, different websites require different SSL certificates. You need to know which certificate works for what kind of websites so that you don’t waste your effort and money.  

Internet security is a must as with the increasing number of internet users worldwide; the actors with malicious intents are also growing. One of the best ways to secure your site from phishing attacks, malware, identity theft, or other kinds of cyber threats is to install an SSL certificate.  

Moreover, you also gain your visitor’s trust and end up gaining and retaining the target audience. And if you are an e-commerce store, building online customer trust is the surest way to improve sales. 

Choose the best SSL suited for your website needs and start implementing it today. 

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