Google has recently unveiled a game-changing addition to its arsenal of digital advertising tools: impression share data for Local Service Ads (LSAs).

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This breakthrough, confirmed by Ginny Marvin, Google Ads’ liaison officer, in November, is poised to revolutionize how advertisers gauge the visibility and efficacy of their ad campaigns. Impression share, for those less familiar, is the metric that quantifies the frequency with which your advertisement appears relative to the total opportunities it could be displayed.

Ben Turner, a well-respected authority in Google Ads, was the first to spot and share this exciting update. He took to social media to post a screenshot of his findings, highlighting three new metrics now at the disposal of Google LSA account holders:

1. Ad Impressions: This metric is a barometer for how frequently your ad surfaces in search results within a specific timeframe.

2. Top Impression Rate on Search: This metric sheds light on the percentage of your impressions that secure prime real estate above organic (unpaid) results during a specified time frame.

3. Absolute Top Impression Rate on Search: This metric reveals the percentage of your impressions that bask in the coveted position of the very first ad in search results during a designated time range.

Intriguingly, Turner offered some insightful commentary on the screenshot he shared, pinpointing certain divergences in the metrics compared to a brief test he conducted using an LSA ranking tool. He underscored the significance of relying on data from November 2023 onward, as data from earlier periods appears inaccessible.

Digital marketing virtuoso Anthony Higman expressed his elation regarding this development. He elucidated that introducing impression share data could potentially address the long-standing challenge of reporting accuracy, particularly when LSAs are in the mix. While this might not completely resolve the reporting quandary, Higman acknowledged that it represents a significant step forward following a three-year wait. Furthermore, he accentuated the novelty of these previously unavailable metrics, offering advertisers a more profound understanding of their LSA accounts and positioning metrics.

In summation, Google’s rollout of impression share data for LSAs marks a momentous leap forward in ad campaign evaluation and reporting precision. It equips advertisers with invaluable insights into ad performance and positioning metrics within search results. This promising development empowers marketers to optimize campaigns more precisely and make well-informed decisions grounded in robust data.

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