Accelerate with Google is a new educational platform providing tailored resources to help marketers develop expertise in using AI.

Google has unveiled a new marketing resource center named Accelerate with Google, part of the Summer of AI Essentials initiative designed to help advertisers enhance their campaigns using AI tools.

What’s happening

Accelerate with Google will act as a central hub, anchored in Google’s AI Essentials resources for advertising products like Search and Performance Max.

Why we care

Accelerate with Google offers advertisers a single point of reference to stay updated on available AI functionalities. Regardless of the level of skepticism about implementation, this hub provides a comprehensive overview of the options.

The big picture

With AI increasingly central to powering ad products, Google aims to equip marketers with best practices for connecting with customers, creating high-quality creative content, and making data-driven decisions using AI.

What’s included

  • Personalized skill assessments to identify knowledge gaps.
  • A collection of video tutorials and articles tailored to business objectives.
  • Upcoming digital live streams covering AI marketing topics.
  • Resources covering areas such as campaign automation, predictive insights, and dynamic ad creation.


Currently available only in the U.S., Germany, and India, with additional global availability coming soon, according to Google.

Between the lines

The Summer of AI Essentials program highlights Google’s goal to promote and clarify AI’s role in advertising as marketers increasingly rely on machine learning-powered tools.

Bottom line

As AI continues to drive Google’s ad offerings, Accelerate with Google serves as the company’s hub to equip marketers with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage these tools.

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