Marketers face a variety of obstacles when it comes to B2B advertising. Because the sales process is too protracted and attribution is opaque, platforms aren’t built with B2B advertising in mind. Furthermore, markets are more specialized, and each choice involves numerous people.

Marketers who overlook the digital component of their plan, however, are leaving money on the table because 93 percent of B2B sales begin with a search.

Despite the fact that there are more B2B businesses than B2C businesses, finding quality content on how to build this skill set is tough. Here are some resources to help you become a PPC expert after years of digging and researching.

Basic Advertising Materials

Understanding the possibilities available on the Google Ads platform is the first step, thus taking advantage of their Skillshop is crucial. This website will teach you the fundamentals of Google Ads search, display, discovery, shopping, and more.

All of the content is free and is updated once or twice a year. These classes and materials won’t turn you into a Google Ads superstar overnight, but they’ll show you what you can do and what you’ll need to get started.

Resources for Intermediate Advertisement

If you prefer to read, the Ultimate Google Ads Playbook by Christine Zirnheld is a good place to start learning about what Google Ads can do. You’ll discover how to level up with a solid account structure, how to set up the correct settings, and even how to successfully track your performance in this book, among other things.

To be honest, you can’t call yourself a Rockstar advertising if you don’t realize that Google ads are simply a small part of your whole media strategy. As a result, look into Helen Katz’s book The Media Handbook, which will teach you about advertising, media planning, and the purchasing procedure.

You don’t like to read, do you? I’ve got your back, don’t worry. Here are some fantastic podcasts that will keep you entertained while also teaching you a lot:

  1. Marketing O’Clock
  2. The Marketing Scoop Podcast
  3. Paid Media Pros

You can also look at the following sites for certifications and classes;

  • SemRush: This platform offers a variety of SEO and paid resources and courses. You have the option of learning more about how their tools assist you design better PPC advertising or paying for a paid specialist to teach you the essentials.

Resources for Advanced Advertising

Unfortunately for advanced marketers, there are few B2B-specific resources, and many of these sites do not focus solely on Google advertisements.

Marketers can find up-to-date information on B2B advertising trends at the following websites:

  1. The KoMarketing Blog
  2. The Drum
  3. MarketingProfs


When it comes to honing their talents, B2B marketers must think beyond the box. They are compelled to discover creative ways to include B2C content into a marketing funnel that isn’t designed for the B2B purchase process. Although these resources are basically for B2B marketers, they can also come in handy for B2C marketers.

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