Google has recently announced some new improvements on its ad extensions to advertisers with the aim of achieving easier management. They’ll be rolling out updates to the structured snippet, callout, and site link extensions.

According to research on Google, ad extensions allow users to engage with their ads in more ways, sometimes causing a 20% rise in CTR when there are four site links shown in Ads.

Let’s closely look at these updates.

Eligibility for Automated Extension

Google Ads’ official Ads liaison, Ginny Marvin, stated that these Automated extensions have the eligibility to display alongside the extensions you added manually. This update will be in effect sometime in the middle of March.

Ad extensions that’ll be eligible to display alongside manual extensions are:

  • Structured snippets
  • Callouts
  • Sitelinks

This update to Automated extensions eligibility assists your ads to take up extended real estate on the search engine result page. Before, the Automated extensions above were not eligible to display when you created the manual extensions.

The implications of this include:

For instance, if there were two manual callouts extensions created for your ads, your ad would just be eligible to display the manual extensions. As this update is here now, your ad will now be able to display both your manual extensions and also Automated extensions simultaneously.

You should remember that your account needs to have opted for Automated extensions for it to show.

Reporting for Automated Extension

Google is set to make updates to the Reporting capabilities in addition to the eligibility for the Automated extensions.

An individual will now be able to view Reporting on Google Ads’ extensions page.

Just as an individual, you’ll be able to remove or push any Automated extension. With this, you’ll be able to easily manage your campaigns.

You will also get the chance to seamlessly identify the extensions you created manually and the ones that Google created automatically.

Viewability of manual extension

Google already gives you the chance to create extensions at a more granular level. Nevertheless, the more granular you created the extensions, these are going to prevent extensions created at a more advanced level to be unable to serve.

The upcoming update will make the eligibility of the higher-level change.

Account or campaign-level extensions have the eligibility of displaying in your ads if they’re predicted to create better performance. The machine-learning algorithm of Google is just to give predicted performance improvement.

If the ad extensions created are hyper-specific at the ad group level, it is an excellent idea to review all account or campaign-level extensions that have the eligibility of showing in your adverts. If there are irrelevant extensions to those ad groups, you’ll want to reorganize in a sensible way for your account.


The forthcoming change to Automated extensions makes it easier for you to manage and view the Automated extensions that are being developed.

Well, we can’t wait for this to begin in March, and we are definitely certain that this is in the best interest of advertisers.

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