The good thing about Google Analytics is that it will allow you to gain an incredible amount of marketing and SEO insights from it. These insights will help you a great deal in discovering the opportunities that may exist Through which you can maximize the overall performance of your website. 

You will get to know about the engagement metrics, conversion metrics and lots of other insights all of which will contribute significantly to your knowledge and help you in maximizing your SEO efforts. 

Custom segments 

One of the most significant actionable insights that you can come to know using Google Analytics is the custom segments. This is the key feature of the tool that will allow you to see: 

  • The different traffic by channel 
  • Visitors who performed a specific task and completed a goal 
  • The demographic data and lots more. 

You can create custom segments almost from any facet of the user data that will be provided to you by the analytics tool and include: 

  • Time spent on site 
  • Number of visits to the specific pages 
  • The number of visitors from a specific location and others. 

Using the custom segments will help you to learn more about the visitors to your site and how they engage with your site.  

Determine additional segments 

You will also get a great help in determining additional segments when you use this in the right way. Additional segments can be created in the Audience tab of Google Analytics which you will find by navigating as under: 

  • Audience 
  • Interests and  
  • Overview. 

The Overview section will display the three specific interests reports that will help you in improving your SEO efforts. These are: 

  • Affinity categories 
  • In-market segments and  
  • Other categories. 

If you want to dive deeper into the insights you will need to navigate to the Demographics under the Audience tab. This section will help you to know about the age and gender data of your visitors.  

When you have these facts and data ready in your hand it will be easier for you to create a custom segment that will help you to track your SEO performance. 

Additionally, you can create a new segment as well by selecting +Add Segment 

  • This additional segment will enable you to track the behavior of the users in a particular segment 
  • You will also come to know about then most frequent of visitors all over Chicago and the US and compare it to the rest of the visitors to your site. 

Just keep in mind that you will need to set a specific date range for at least 6 months to a year so that you can have a more useful compilation of data. 

Monitor mobile traffic 

In this modern world the mobile traffic is consistently growing in number as well as an SEO Service importance. Therefore, you will also have to monitor the mobile traffic. However, if you want a better SEO on the whole for your site, simply monitoring the traffic will not suffice. You will also need to monitor the engagement levels of these mobile visitors as this is equally important for your SEO. 

There are a few specific things that you should do in order to assess this such as: 

  • You will have to view the number of mobile conversions for any individual page 
  • Add a mobile segment at every page level 
  • Track the mobile bounce rate and  
  • Lookout for the pages that have the highest mobile traffic bounce rates. 

All this will help you to improve on the potential issues if any related to a particular page by comparing the mobile and desktop bounce rate metrics. This will provide you with further insights into the differences between the desktop and mobile experience.


Site search is important 

You must also focus on site search which will be even much easier if you have a dedicated search bar on your website. This type of search will provide you with a huge opportunity to learn more about: 

  • The specific things that the visitors are looking for when they visit your site and  
  • Exactly how many people are searching. 

If you find that a large percentage of your visitors is using the search bar, it indicates that there may be a problem in the main navigation and it needs to be improved on your site. This will provide the users with a better and much clearer idea about the location of the specific thing that they are looking for. 

In addition to that, the actual search term the users enter into your search bar will also help you to gain insight about your content.  

For example, assume a user is frequently searching for a specific term and entering it into your search bar but the results does not appear simply because your content does not contain that specific term or any content portion that is relevant to the term. In such a situation, if it makes sense to feature that term into your content and will be helpful for the SEIO of your site, you can include it. This will be beneficial for both you and your users. 

The same applies for a product search as well. If you find that the user is searching for a specific product or service more frequently and cannot find it, it is a serious indication that it should be included in your content so that it features more prominently on the homepage of your site and is also easily accessible to the users. 

Lastly, you should locate the top performing pages by conversions as well. This will be helpful for you in understanding the performance of the individual page and conversions that resulted from that specific page.  

With these enormous amounts of insights, you can compare the SEO results and performance and look for better ways to maximize it. You will also be able to identify any negative trends on each page so that you can work through the technical issues that may be causing it. 

All these efforts will help you formulate stronger and better SEO strategies. 

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