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PPC is currently booming at the moment due to the increased internet usage. More and more adverts are being displaying on more and more searchFour Ways To Expand Your Business Through PPC engine results and publisher websites increasing the whole exposure of PPC in general. When it comes to pay per click advertising though, it seems that most businesses tend to use PPC to promote and advertise a product or service with the aim of a conversion being a sale. An example of this being and Panasonic. However, what advertisers need to know is that there are other ways you can use PPC to strengthen your online business. Just because you don’t gain a profit from a sale does not mean your PPC campaign has been a failure. Here are some other ways you can use PPC to expand your business.



Create a Brand Image

One of the reasons why businesses such as Apple and Rolex are so successful is because they have created themselves brand images of being ‘top notch’ businesses where their products are second-to-none in quality. You can create a brand image just the same for your business, through PPC, which will entice the web user into wanting to perform a conversion for you. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Make your landing page focused on what type of brand image you are trying to portray.
  • Make your landing page interactive. Letting the web user interact with your landing page will keep them hooked onto it.
  • Make the centre attention of your landing page the most colourful. The will help in making this area the first part the web user sees when the landing page loads.

A great example of successful branding of an image can be seen with Audi’s new advert which features an Audi R8 accelerating on a rolling road. In this advert, you see and hear the engine roar making anyone want to buy an Audi car.



Use Social Media

Social media is trending at the moment. Every program on TV has a hashtag to encourage viewers to tweet their thoughts. For this reason, it is a brilliant idea to make a conversion related to some sort of social media following. By gaining a large audience through social media will rapidly expand your business: especially if you manage to get people genuinely interested in your business to follow you. If this happens, the chances of mentions, retweets and favourites will increase helping to increase the exposure of your business on the social media front.




You will probably have heard this already but PPC is centred around experimenting. Therefore, look at your business and highlight the key areas of your business that makes you successful. These are the areas you should try to promote though PPC to accelerate your their performance. Try multiple campaigns promoting different areas of your business and see how the results differ. An example of this could be to promote the human resources sector of your business so that your target market knows how eco-friendly your business is increasing your brand image to one of being more green. That is the great thing about PPC. You can advertise anything to anyone.

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