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While nearly a billion users on Facebook, that leaves a lot of room for people liking individual pages and brands. It’s not just about liking movies and celebrities, but also food! Yes, food is one of the most sought after groups on Facebook and millions of people are liking them.

Of all the food related pages out there, ice cream, milk and chocolate lead the way. You might be asking yourself why any of this matters? Well, the truth is that Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and if you aren’t creating food based creatives and landing pages, you could be missing out on some hidden profits.

Do you have a zip or email submit related offer to get free candy? If so, don’t forget to target all of the users on Facebook who are “interested” in chocolate. Create candy bar banners and fun chocolate targeted landing pages. Yes, it really works! Try it out.

Special thanks to Hubspot for the infographic.

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