With digital technology more accessible and common, it is highly important for B2B brands and businesses to make full use of the power of the internet. This is 2019 and along with new digital trends, social media has taken the world of marketing by a storm. B2B companies are leveraging social media to achieve crucial business objectives like driving traffic, connecting with prospects, converting visits into conversions, building leads and promoting brands globally.

This won’t be much of surprise if I tell you, 75% of B2B buyers use social media to impact their purchasing decisions. They go through the brand’s campaign, product promotions and most importantly, their customer reviews to help decide if they want to buy the product or not. All in all, a strong social media presence does make an impression.

Find out a list of five brands and their B2B social media campaigns that will guide you how these helped them accomplish crucial goals in this mesh of competition:

1.    Drift 

Drift is a B2B platform that connects businesses with businesses. They use chatbots and customized social media campaigns that help B2B brands connect with their potential B2B buyers, gather leads and convert them into sales.

Drift creates posts that mix up questions, quotes, videos and links that are relatable to their audience. Most of their campaign is transparent uses creative tactics. They encourage their employees to regularly post their work progress on social media instead of having a transparency dashboard like most other B2B brands. Another example of their marketing achievement is the famous Soofa sign, an electronic sign campaign recently used on LinkedIn. The post generated engagement in high numbers and 200k+ impressions of the sign.

2.    Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for B2B brands and businesses to make online purchases. In a world of growing online retail, B2B marketplaces have also grown in large numbers. Shopify, in order to outshine their social media and marketing campaign, uses video marketing to attract traffic and generate leads. Their enormous video content library has outreached to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram – providing informative content for varying genres of audience.

One of the most interesting traits about Shopify is that they love experimenting with their campaigns. For instance, once they published one day every day for three months on Facebook to see what it could lead too. Despite the intense workload, their campaign resulted in most successful videos with over a million views.

3.    IBM

IBM or International Business Machines Corporation is a leading IT company that sells hardware, software and computing services to both businesses and individuals. Other than their B2C approach, IBM is known for its targeted B2B campaigns that have led to the massive following on their social media channels. Their social media stretches from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube where each post is made with a unique element to not just attract businesses but also build a strong social community. Their strategy works because it is relevant, value-based and embeds in the idea that the application of technology can improve businesses, societies and environmental conditions.

4.    Upwork   

Upwork is an online freelancing platform that connects freelancers of different types with businesses, brands and individuals. Since its launch, the company has been a working ground for people with any kind of skill that they can offer in exchange for money. As the platform grew, so did its audience. Within a few years, even large B2B companies started hiring people through Upwork.

Upwork’s social media campaign has been very consistent with both creative and targeted content. Their famous ‘Hey World’ marketing campaign was specially designed for real life people. It brought a 10% increase in companies using Upwork for getting services done.

5.    Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business is a cloud storage platform that offers services to businesses requiring to store and share bulks of data online. Their marketing campaign involves an assessment tool called Marketing Dynamix that helped marketers understand their audience. When Dropbox took their product to social media using video graphics, GIFs and simple engaging content, they received phenomenal results. There were 2000 marketing leads with 68000 clicks and engagements.

Social Media Campaign Guide

Most China B2B trade sites and other B2C platforms excel in what they do by making the most of social media channels. It takes a few measures including a defined and measurable goal, setting a target audience, the right content strategy and a must monitoring and modification cycle.

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