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There are lots of SEO Analytics tool that you will come across on the market but there are significant reasons why most of the SEO professionals and SMBs use Google Analytics only for determining the success and ROI of their SEO efforts.  

One of the prime reasons is that this is a free analytics tool but more than that it is the best one around that comes with lots of features and capabilities. With the in-built features of it you can use this tool for different purposes such as: 

  • To track different data 
  • To know the different ways in which the different visitors associate with your site  
  • To optimize your marketplace and 
  • To ensure revenue growth for your business year-over-year. 

The most significant reason to use Google Analytics tool during your search engine optimization campaign is that it will provide you with valuable and useful metrics that will allow you to track the performance of the keywords and phrases.  

  • This will enable you to know the exact amount of traffic brought in by each of the keyword used in your content of your website. 
  • This will ensure that you always use the right keywords in your content so that you can answer to the queries of your visitors to your site in the best possible and most comprehensive way. 

As a result, you will be able to stay updated with the performance of these keywords and change these as and when required when the Goggle Analytics indicates a fall in the level of its performance. 

Few specific benefits 

The Google Analytics will open up a host of opportunities and provide you with goldmine of information that you may not have known about your visitors even before. Here are a few specific benefits of using Google Analytics for your optimization campaign just as all other Dental SEO professionals in New York City. 

  • As said earlier, Google Analytics is a free tool but it will provide you with the same amount of or even much more results and functionalities as compared to other paying tools. 
  • The tool is able to find out how your visitors locate your site. It will use the core set of keywords that are being optimized and at the same time it will allow you to discover the other types of keywords that your visitors type in to locate your website.  
  • You will this way be able to get more keywords that are being listed on natural posting. Though the quantity of keywords during initial optimization campaign can be close to nothing, it will surely help you in a great deal in your overall SEO effort. 
  • The tool will also help you to identify the pages and the links as well that your visitors prefer and click the most. This will enable you in turn to measure whether or not your search engine optimization campaign is providing the right results by guiding the traffic to the desired pages. 
  • It will also help you in the process of visitor segmentation which will in turn let you know about the number of new visitors your SEO campaigns are being able to bring to your site. This segmentation of traffic and analytics results can be done in many different ways but the most common ones happen to be based on topography, new and returning visitors, and referral sources. 
  • Lastly, you will be able to fine tune your website with the analytic report provided by this tool. That means you will be able to do another copywriting on another page of your choice that really is not changing over as you desired.  

In short, this tool will bring you greater prospects of high-quality traffic and you will be able to get more customers in this manner in the near future. 

As an added benefit of using Google Analytics, you will be able to collect data traffic from other sources such as MSN and Yahoo! search results other than collecting data regarding the traffic from Google with respect to your site. You can use this additional data to fortify your stronghold across all different search platforms. 

Ways to boost your SEO rankings 

In order to boost your SEO campaign, you will need to track it just as any other marketing campaign on the Internet. In order to make your SEO efforts successful you will need: 

  • Proper planning 
  • Precise implementation of it 
  • Using proper tracking tools and  
  • To calculate the ROI of the particular campaign. 

This will ensure that your SEO efforts drive more targeted traffic to your site from each different search engines. All you need to do is analyze the SEO reports and optimize your website to drive more organic traffic. This will help you to boost your SEO rankings which with the help of Google Analytics will be much easier. 

  • First, you will need to track the interests and demographics of your visitors. This will allow you to know more about your visitors. When you know more you will be able to deliver better content that will satisfy their queries or create better products that will address their specific needs. 
  • Next, you will need to use Google AMP tracking tool that will offer a superfast browsing experience especially for your mobile visitors. According to several studies it is seen that site owners that use AMP tracking are able to see higher click-through rates and get more views. This is simply because this will help you to analyze the user interactions on the AMP pages. 
  • Follow it up by tracking your organic keywords with Google Search Console. This free service will allow you to monitor and maintain the presence of your site in Google search results. This will be facilitated by the top-ranking organic keywords that you can see using this free service. 
  • Lastly, track the top referrals of your site as that will help you to get better links and more backlinks, both of which are the most important factors for top search engine ranking. 

These are the ways in which you can boost your organic traffic and SEO results and make the best use of Goggle Analytics.  

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