Far from merely promoting active wear and workout gear, fitness influencers encourage healthy lifestyles through nutrition, workouts, and motivation. For health enthusiasts around the world, influencers serve as role models, inspiring their followers to make that first healthy choice by providing support, wisdom, and expert tips. Here are some top influencers you need to know.  

Joe Wicks 

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Known for his “Lean In 15” cookbook series, Wicks is an English fitness influencer that specializes in nutrition and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The Body Coach offers his followers healthy choices with carefully-crafted meal plans and workouts, catered to get you moving and thinking about what you eat. He even created his own 90-day program and posts the before and after photos of those who have taken on the challenge, coming out on the other side healthier and happier.  

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, or sign up for the Get Lean Guide to get weight loss tips right to your inbox. 

Massy Arias 

This fitness influencer is a personal trainer, a young mom, and the CEO of Tru Supplements. Starting her fitness journey as a way to battle depression, Massy quickly discovered the benefits of working out and eating right to mental and physical health. She now inspires over three million fitness enthusiasts known as the MA Warriors. This bilingual influencer connects with her followers through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and her very own Empowered App, where she helps users find a way to work out and eat right wherever they are.  

Rachel Brathen 

Rachel Brathen is another influencer with a strong focus on mental health. Known as the Yoga Girl, this Swedish fitness instructor became a best-selling author in 2014 with the release of her self-help memoir. Now she hosts a yoga retreat where yogis can jet off to inspiring destinations and hone their practice.  

In addition to social media, Brathen connects with followers through Tuesday YouTube videos and her Friday podcast, which focus on everything from motivation to guided meditation.  

Shaun T 

You’ve heard of the Insanity workouts; now meet the fitness influencer behind the rage. Shaun T got his start as a dancer and choreographer, even working with Mariah Carey, before becoming a personal trainer and health program manager. While teaching fitness classes, he quickly grew in popularity, finally creating the trendy and effective Insanity workouts we know today. He is the author of “T is for Transformation,” a designer of his very own workout line, a loving husband, and a dad to two adorable twins. Check out his podcast! 

Katie Corio 

Katie Corio is both a licensed sports nutritionist and a personal trainer, and with a background in kinesiology, you know she’s the real deal. She’s worked as a model for Live Fit Apparel and just launched her own active line for courageous and original women. Her workout plans range from HIIT to pylometrics, and she even has a full workout plan for fitness enthusiasts going easy on their knees. Corio promotes physical and mental well-being through YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Check out her website for recommended supplements and a peek at her workout gear.  

No matter which of these influencers you follow, your fitness routine is in capable hands. Check out the accounts above to motivate your health journey! 

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