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One of the top things you need to do to have a successful PPC campaign is to optimize your landing page to convert well.

You’ve developed a beautiful landing page, but the form submissions aren’t coming in for some reason? In the world of digital marketing, conversion rates can be a significant issue, but there are a few basic things you can do to enhance them.

1.   Add a video to your page to make it more intriguing

Videos help to develop trust and can have a big impact on conversion rates. We know, for example, that video marketing studies show that including video on a landing page can raise conversion rates by up to 80%. To capture the sights, you can either record real footage or employ interactive animation.

As a result, for the following reasons, investing in quality video creation for your landing page can be quite beneficial:

  • Videos foster trust
  • They evoke emotion.
  • A video can quickly and easily explain a product or service.
  • Action is sparked by visuals.

2.   Run a speed test on your website

Knowing how to improve page performance is crucial because load time is a significant conversion killer. According to certain research, 79 percent of users will abandon a site due to bad performance and never return. This applies to both websites and individual landing pages, and you should run a speed test to make sure this isn’t a problem.

Check the load time of your website with a page speed tool and help speed things up by optimizing your images. Large picture files, for example, cause websites to load slowly, which may be prevented with a simple online image optimization tool. You’ll also want to know how well your landing page is performing right now. This may be done with a SERP checker, which will provide you with a starting point from which to improve.

3.   Make sure your design and copy are both fantastic

This may come as no surprise, but a well-designed website with captivating material is a must when it comes to optimizing your page’s user experience.

The legitimacy of your brand is closely related to the quality of your design. The key to converting users is to have clear and succinct material. Even though it’s near the bottom of our list of suggestions, it should be the starting point of your landing page design.

This also applies to other lead generators, such as online local search advertising, which might be the first step in luring consumers to your landing page. Quality copy in your ads should entice users to learn more about your products or services, and this should continue to your landing page.

4.   Analyze and test your work regularly

It’s never a good idea to “set it and forget it” when it comes to landing pages. To keep your page’s efficacy up to date, you’ll need to know how to view analytics and create goals.

Your analytics and site interaction data may be able to assist you in determining why conversions are not occurring.

Your analytics and site interaction data can help you understand why conversions are successful or unsuccessful. Constantly test your findings to produce a more successful landing page, and conversions should rise as a result! You may also incorporate simpler online forms and think about where you want your CTA to be placed.

Remember that a better user experience is directly tied to higher conversion rates, which translates to a more successful business overall, so take your time with the following suggestions.

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