Twitter is an extremely effective way to send out messages to people in a quick and concise manner. Annoyingly, this is also the problem with Twitter, where tweets can get very old very quickly. Twitter’s timeline is time chronologically ordered, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and others. This means that once your tweet has tweets more recent that it on user’s timelines, it is quickly pushed down the pecking order of being viewed. For this reason, learning to maximize Twitter for the marketing purpose of your business is extremely important to getting the most exposure from the social media website. With this, here are five tips businesses can use to help their marketing effort on Twitter.

Use an Optimized Profile Picture

The majority of businesses on Twitter simply copy and paste their logo from their website as their Twitter profile picture. This is ‘okay’. However, many logos could be optimized to suit the space of a Twitter profile picture, especially in conjunction with the Twitter profile background. For this reason, have a look at hiring a freelancer, such as from Fiverr, to custom design something that makes your Twitter profile page stand out, using your logo and website’s theme.

Choose the Shortest/Best Twitter Username

The username you choose your business is of paramount importance. There are a few rules you can stick with to make your username as good as possible on Twitter:

  • Don’t use hyphens or any punctuation
  • Don’t use numbers, unless your brand name has a number within it
  • Keep your username as short as possible
  • Don’t use joining words, such as ‘and’
  • Abbreviations are even better (as they are shorter)
  • Your brand name as your username is the best bet

Optimize Your Bio

The bio is typically the first area that Twitter uses engage with on your Twitter profile page. For this reason, it needs to be optimized with the following pointers:

  • Make sure it accurately portrays what the company is about
  • Include any relevant hashtags and keywords that relate to the company
  • Add personality into it, possibly even humor, to make clear the company is run by humans and not robots!
  • Has your company won any awards or has any noticeable achievements? Include them in your bio to give your company credibility

Tweet at the Correct Times of Days

Since the average tweet turns ‘old’ relatively quickly, the time at which you tweet will be critical to the performance of the tweet. There are certain times of the day and week that generally will produce you better results than other days and times (although testing will determine what works best for your account). As a rule of thumb, the weekend has more engagements than the weekdays (although, if you do tweet during the week, make sure it is after working hours or lunchtime).

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