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If you compare a PPC campaign back in the naughties to now, you will see a huge difference in the number of variables an advertiser is able to control and modify, in order to get the specific traffic they are targeting. It can be quite daunting, the number of things you are able to change nowadays, since the number of variations you can do through A/B testing is off the scale. However, there are certain ways you can improve a PPC campaign, right off the bat, fairly easily. Here are three that you can implement.


Local Targeting for Mobile

It is quite clear that the future of the internet is moving more and more away from laptops/computers and to mobile devices. The fact that Google are now indexing websites using the mobile version, rather than the desktop version, is clear evidence for this point. The traffic potentials from mobile devices for searches is continually increasing, especially with the introductions of new technologies for better internet speeds, such as 5G.

Google states that around 30-50% of traffic that is using the search engine have local intent. This makes sense, considering the best way to search for something on the go, local to where you are, is through your mobile.

For this reason, you should look to make sure you are locally targeting for mobile devices, to make use of this – use the correct ad extensions, if the search is clearly locally targeting too.


Analyse Data Rigorously

I cannot stress how important it is to the success of a PPC campaign, or anything online for that matter, to analyse the performance and all of the data that is generated from it. On the surface, your PPC campaign may look one way – digging a little deeper, and it might look a completely different way. Always put time aside to dive into the data of your PPC campaign, from using Google Analytics on your landing page, to the stats displayed in AdWords, to further improve your PPC campaign.


Your Keywords are ‘Live’ Keywords

By this, you should not add a certain number of keywords and leave your campaign to run. A PPC campaign is live: something that is not statically created and left to itself. Keywords are also live and the performance of each of them has the potential to change over time.

This makes it clear that you should try to keep your best performing keywords running, whilst removing the poorest performing. Understand why those keywords were performing badly, learn from the mistakes of this, and replace with new and improved keywords.

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