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We live in the era of digitization, as from simple photographs to complex databases, everything around us has become digital. More and more people are now turning to online platforms since the rise of the pandemic and lockdown impositions. Many businesses have even revamped their marketing strategies after realizing the importance of online marketing. Jumping into the bandwagon, you may have also set up a business website and accounts on various social media platforms for your brand’s promotion.

Creating a website, developing meaningful content, and promoting it to social media platforms might sound easy. Yet, social media promotion is only one part of the big internet marketing game. Your goal should be to gain top ranking in search engines. The higher you rank in search results, the more attention your brand will receive. That’s why experts recommend having a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to gain more visibility and exposure. Despite the significant efforts, most marketers fail to attract the targeted traffic due to some mistakes that sabotage their entire campaign. Here are the three terrible SEO mistakes that can hinder your brand’s promotion:

  1. Not Focusing on Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) refers to the matrix determining the search engine’s landscape and score of the website concerning its rankings. Different engines use automated analytic algorithms to determine a website’s authority. Usually, a website has a DA score between one to hundred. However, a website with high DA means that it has a better ranking on search engines.

Most digital marketers prefer a high DA website due to more chances of getting increased visibility and traffic. It is worth mentioning that building DA directly impacts your brand’s search engine ranking. However, failing at it might cause your brand to suffer. Perhaps, the easiest way to gain authority is to earn some external links to your website. Undoubtedly, inbound links are like mini recommendations, i.e., the more, the better, especially if they are from a more authoritative source.

Similarly, if a known website considers it appropriate to link your webpage, it counts as an advantage to your brand. Notably, the best way to earn organic backlinks is to create quality content that people find important enough to link with. You can also gain professional assistance through an SEO link building company in USA to help you run a winning backlink campaign for your brand promotion. They’ll use a white hat link-building process to secure organic and authoritative backlinks that will indeed promote your domain authority measurement.

Another terrible mistake that you can make is not displaying your brand’s awards or affiliations on the website. They build trust and are like flashing an “I am reliable” badge. So, instead of pushing them away to the corner, display them proudly on your homepage. Since it is the most visited page on the entire website, whatever you display here will capture the most attention.

One more thing that builds your website’s authority is ‘user reviews.’ After a personal recommendation, online reviews are the most reliable source to gain a good name. If you have not included a review option on your website, do it today since Google especially regards them as an essential ranking factor. Remember, good reviews would lead to positive word of mouth.

  1. Keyword Offences

A few years back, most people think of SEO as a game of keywords. Currently, SEO is way more than that. Undoubtedly, keywords continue to be a part of a successful SEO strategy. But, if you go wrong with them, it can hinder your brand promotion or, worse, earn you a considerable penalty.

Keyword stuffing is the most dangerous mistake that you can make. Deliberate use of keywords not only lowers the quality of your content but also ruins the user experience. Furthermore, search engines are especially strict about this practice. Google is primarily known to penalize any website that uses keyword stuffing to achieve a higher rank.

Another common mistake that brands make is focusing on the wrong keywords. If your brand produces high-end clothes, you should never add keywords such as “cheap clothes.” As a matter of fact, people who search for cheap clothes aren’t going to buy from you. Focus on the keywords that your target audience will use. Additionally, don’t optimize for just one set of keywords. There are numerous keyword combinations to search for high-end clothes. Optimize for as many combinations as you can, and use multiple keywords on a single page.

Besides, try not to create separate landing pages for every keyword you are targeting. Such pages are called keyword permutation pages, and Google has a penalty for that too.

  1. Content Mistakes

SEO shares a strong relationship with content. You may have developed the most successful SEO strategy, but it won’t get you anywhere if your content lacks quality. For a successful SEO strategy, try producing content that your audience finds valuable. Failure to do so might be one of your most terrible SEO mistakes, hindering your brand promotion.

Another common mistake is using scraped content -it means copying it from somewhere and publishing it as your own. In other words, plagiarism. Google and other search engines can detect plagiarism from a hundred miles away, which automatically lowers your rank on search results. Whenever you create content for your website, make sure that it is unique, relevant, and informative.

Besides, avoid providing thin content. It means that the content you distribute holds little or no value to your readers. Think of it as a bestselling book, but with a weak plot and superficial characters. It will receive bad reviews, and nobody would buy or read it. Similarly, if your content fails to make an impact, your audience will simply skim over it without engaging.

The Bottom Line

SEO is certainly not a piece of cake, but it enables you to reap the sweet fruits of all your efforts when done right. Even if you produce high-quality and valuable content, perhaps without suitable optimization, it won’t get you the desired results. So if you want to be successful, be careful about not making these three terrible SEO mistakes that can hinder your brand promotion.

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