It’s 2019 now, right. The previous year there were many content writing mistakes, which we should know in order to avoid them in our current year. You should also learn how industry leaders like MyEssayGeek are handling their writing works.

They do say- New Year, new beginnings and for a content writer, there are common mistakes there that could cost your writing career- or clients if you are writing for a business. Therefore, to avoid them you will have to follow closely our guide on the do’s and don’ts of the content writing industry.

Doing so will help you learn about these mistakes and presents chances of improvements for you- And what’s more enthralling than making your audience smile at every thought of reading your works.

Check the guide below for an insight into these top five mistakes that you should know.

  1. Failing to edit and proofread your work

You need enough time to go through your content; put it simply this way; editing helps improve your work- It turns your great article into something even bigger and more exciting. When you edit your article, you will also get to see the ideas from different perspectives.

Whether it is a word you have not written well or a line that doesn’t fit in- proofreading corrects all. You should go through your draft numerous times until your mind feels a great deal of satisfaction from reading your work.

  1. Not doing enough research

You may be one of the most brilliant writers in your region or country-but the thing is you need to research. In addition, even if you have a mastery of a certain topic, you will still need to carry out some little research. People have fewer interests in your personal opinions on the subject matter- But the data, evidence, phrases and other supporting information attracts them.

Put is simply this way, listening to someone’s ideas with no supporting facts or evidence, is just as seamless as watching the same channel without switching to another- You will get bored.

There are several sites on the web, such as word count tool, that will help you proofread your work.

  1. Failing to define the pronouns

Pronouns are important English words- they are helpful and helps to in creating sentences. Pronouns include:

  • These
  • This
  • That
  • It
  • Those

There are many other pronouns in the English language. There is nothing wrong with the use of these elements of speech- But failure to define them presents a writing challenge for you.

For instance, look at the sentences below:

  • This is bad. What is bad?
  • Those are mine. What is mine?

You should always remember to define every pronoun that comes in your sentences contexts – Doing so eliminates confusion that comes with improper definitions of these pronouns.

  1. Not understanding your audience

If you want to improve your writing skills, you have to learn your target readers. Understanding them will not only help you create the appropriate content but also use the tone that suits them well.

Proficient writing starts with readers. You should connect with them and understand what their reading desires are- That way you will know exactly what to write and what to not. It will also put your writing as being assertive rather than trying to just force points across.

Besides your readers, make you write- so satisfy them with your content.

  1. Having a sloppy introduction

Most readers will bounce from your article once they see a sloppy introduction. An introduction gives the reader an idea of what to expect from your article and if they don’t like it- they will as well stop going through your article.

Put it simply, if you come across a poor introduction that has no interests of your own- Or one that seems boring. Will you continue reading the article? Of course not. So pay attention to your introduction- It paints the overall picture of your article.

With these points put across, I hope that you will consider them well so that you will avoid making mistakes in content writing– That even some authorities in the industry make.

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