Regardless of whether you have heard or not about PPC (Pay per Click), it exists in a vast manner and most people are trying to understand what PPC is all about. PPC marketing has suddenly risen in demand and thus more number of businesses are trying to understand the benefits of it. 

What is PPC and how is it valuable for business? 

PPC is a type of internet marketing in which the advertising company pays a certain fee every time an ad displayed by them is clicked by the audience/end user. In short, it is way of purchasing for the visitors on your site. Not many are aware; SEO is one of the most important types of PPC. 

Online advertisers bid for placing an ad in a search engine whenever someone puts a keyword to search for a business/product. For instance, if you bid on a keyword related to PPC, your ad will arrive on the top slot on the Google search engine. 

To win a PPC campaign, it is important to setting up a worthy PPC landing page. Search engines pay reward to the best Pay Per Click Management campaigns. 

10 Different Ways to Learn PPC like a Pro: 

  1. Create appealing Ad copy:

One of the best methods to save money is by writing engaging and exclusive ads. The better the ad, the more will be your quality score.  

  1. Make use of ad extensions:

Ad extensions make your ads more visible and clickable. There are oodles of ad extensions available on Google Adwords regardless of what kind of business you are trying to promote. 

  1. Geo location:

Make use of Adwords’ geolocation settings. These allow you to filter ads based on the location and target that specific region suitable for your business. Several global advertisers often fail to set the proper parameters to their ad campaigns. 

  1. Negative Conflicts report:

 Are you aware of the negative conflicts report? It could be possible that certain negative words added in your campaign may be the reason why it is costing you money. Negative words or keywords if compiled in a conflict report can help you understand the picture better. 

  1. New keywords:

Target the respective keywords however; target new keywords for your ad campaign too. It is one of the most effective strategies to save money on the PPC. You must analyse the following parameters if you really wish to optimize your campaigns: 

  • Add more of PPC keywords 
  • Add negative keywords 
  • Split your ad groups by splitting your ads into smaller and respective groups 
  • Review your reports on cost spent on PPC keywords 
  • Refine your campaign and review the same 
  1. Learn the ROI:

PPC advertising only works when you have a planned ROI in place. Understand your budget well. Calculating you’re the ROI is simple and we are sure you are aware of it. You may take support of products like Word Stream or Reporting Ninja. 

  1. Know when to show ads:

You may show ads all the time, but will it create an impact on your brand? Understand the timings and the breaks well between running your ads. Setting the right schedule is very important so that you have the best PPC returns. 

  1. Play with your ads:

Creating number of ads but failing to understand how to play with it won’t trigger the minds of your audience to click and watch it. You need to play with your ads, rotate them, and set them in a manner that helps strike a balance between adding a recall value and also showing something new every time.  

  1. Set locations properly:

With the help of Google Adwords, this is like a piece of cake. The Adwords guide you what kind of ads can be shown on what GPS location. Choosing the correct target location can help you perform the ads faster. Check out few charts and samples of companies online to get a fair idea. 

  1. Adjust your bids:

The concept of bidding is easy to understand and follow. All you need to know is how to adjust your bids. Bid adjustments shall help you to in understanding the frequency of your ads as these are based on location, time, tools, and features used. With time and efforts, you should be able to limit your PPC spend and increase your ROI. The objective is to find the correct location where you can expect major conversions. 

Run all your reports at least once a week to check the progress and response of your ad to follow the right guidelines for PPC. Make sure you read your reports well to understand where you stand. There are several other articles with step by step guide on the PPC that you may wish to check. Do share your feedback and let us know how you follow your PPC campaign and how you have benefitted from it.  

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