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Wix Landing PageActivities aimed at the promotion of the target site, using the potential of social networks, online communities and blogs. Abbreviation means SMM Social Media Marketing. Unlike SEO, which focuses on the promotion of your site in search engines, SMM involves driving traffic to a site using the natural communication of information promoted by the user directly. SMM – is marketing in social media.

Social media (in the context of Internet marketing) – web sites whose content is created and updated by the efforts of their visitors. In some cases, visitors will also serve as moderators and can rate each other on a number of characteristics. In this case, these social media are called self-regulating.

SMM decides whether or promotional platform in the social environments that are very wary of any explicit and overt advertising. The basic principle of SMM – is awakening interest of users to promote products and to encourage in him the desire to pass this information to another person, or a reference to the publication of information in an online community.

The basic rules of social media marketing

To achieve the most from social media, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

  • Use vivid and intriguing titles. Keep a title so that it clings to the visitor’s attention and aroused a desire to move on its link. Classic examples of these titles: “A facts about B, which you did not even know,” “Everything you wanted to know about A, but were afraid to ask”, “A have no reason to use B”. Do not be afraid to sound too loud when it comes to designing the header.
  • No advertising. The members of the social media are very sensitive to advertising and learned to sift it to the machine. Therefore, advertising should either be carefully veiled, or not used at all. Focus on interesting visitor information.
  • Refrain from using advertising line. A corollary of the second rule. Do not use made in advertising phrases and sentences, once again not to alert the visitor.
  • Provoke discussion and support. Do not rely solely on the visitors – adding fuel to the fire of their own. But again, remember rule number 2.
  • Provoke and encourage the spread of information your visitors. Hold a contest; invent small prizes for your visitors – do that entire he had an incentive to share a link to your information with other members of the community.

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    on 8 Feb 13 at 13:31 pm

    You have Explained Social Media marketing quite a Good way. I would like to add few ways to Increase them, I add Shocking Facts which falls under my Blog Niche and Post Images used as Banners or Featured Iages to attract readers.
    Thank you

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